Room to Grow

Students regularly lead out in campus and off-campus ministries.

International Learning

You'll rub shoulders with other students who hail from dozens of countries around the world.

Freedom to Learn

Students will find that the learning process is not limited to the classroom.

Campus Life

Opportunity for Community

Students love living on our campus, with its old-fashioned, personal flavor and refreshing openness.

Keene is not the place for snobs.

Come here if you love a genuine variety of people and ideas. We experience real diversity here, not an artificial or contrived imitation of it for the sake of advertising. 

Every weekend promises fun--ranging from Student Association activities, such as the annual "barn bash," trips to sporting events, and excursions to the Fort Worth Zoo or the Dallas Aquarium and other local attractions. Informal, smaller groups attend concerts and plays and visit local museums. (Fort Worth's Kimball Art Museum, for example, has been called "the best small museum" in the country.)

Students regularly lead out in spiritual outreach, including community service and Spring Break mission trips.

A strong intramural and club sports program challenges students who are looking for leadership opportunities in the University recreation program.

More important than these scheduled events may be those quiet unplanned opportunities for friendship. Life-long friends are created in vigorous discussions, quiet walks, shared insights, and common prayer.

Your life at Southwestern is what you make it. There's always something going on.