A Framework for Living

Students at Southwestern are given a framework for living, which they will learn to build upon and design to fit their future during their time at Southwestern.

Frequently Asked Questions


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What will I do while visiting Southwestern?

We love to show visitors our campus and have them interact with our students, faculty and staff. We'll set up meetings for prospective students with academic advisors and financial counselors. Let us know what your interests are and we'll do our best to introduce you to the people you should meet. If you have an interest in choir, band, or gymnastics we'll try to arrange a visit during practice. Those who visit on a weekend can participate in our Friday night Vespers program and our Saturday morning Church Service as well as Sabbath afternoon activities. During the school-year there are Student Association activities on Saturday night.

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How long do I need to allow for my visit to Southwestern?

Spending four to five hours on our campus during business hours is more than enough time to take a tour and meet with advisors and counselors. We suggest that you plan to visit Southwestern in either a morning or an afternoon during the week, Monday through Friday noon. Visitors are welcome to stay for up to two nights during the week or three nights over the weekend to get a deeper Southwestern experience. Three days gives visitors ample time to fully explore Southwestern campus life.

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Will Southwestern help with my travel expenses?

Driving: Southwestern will pay a portion of the gasoline expenses of prospective students who drive to Keene. We reimburse a prospective student 1/4 of round-trip gasoline expense, 1/2 of roundtrip gasoline expense if two prospective students come together, and all round-trip gasoline expense of the vehicle that three or more prospective students drive to Keene. Please save your gasoline receipts for reimbursement.

Flying: For those who fly, Southwestern is happy to cover half of every prospective student's round trip airfare (up to $150) and will provide free airport pick up and return. (Sorry, but we can't pay for car rentals if you want your own transportation while at Southwestern.) Once you're on our campus we will give you nine free meals in our cafeteria and house you in a residence hall or hotel for up to two nights during the week or three nights over the weekend. Bring your ticket or flight itinerary showing the price you paid so we can quickly process your reimbursement.

*Note: Southwestern does not reimburse new students for their travel if they are coming for enrollment and are staying to attend classes.

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What if I want to stay longer than the days you host visitors?

If you have a friend in the dormitory who you wish to stay with for longer than the days we provide free to visitors, you must make arrangements with the dormitory dean to stay there. Unfortunately, our budget does not allow us to provide more than three days / nine meals to our visitors. If we house you or your family in a local hotel you will need to make arrangements with the hotel to pay for any extra nights you stay there.

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What if I want to visit Southwestern but live outside the United States?

All prospective students are welcome to visit our campus but because of the expense of international travel and because we can only provide a maximum of three days lodging, it is often impractical for foreign students to visit our campus before they come to enroll. (We can easily arrange a visit for prospective students who are already in the United States.) In three days, visitors can fully experience Southwestern campus life. (See "travel expenses" above for details on our reimbursement policies.)

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Can I come with my family or should I come alone?

We are happy to host you and family members who wish to accompany you. Prospective students over the age of 18 can come alone but those under 18 should visit Southwestern with an adult family member or other adult sponsor. Southwestern will provide everyone in your group meal cards for a maximum of nine meals in our cafeteria and pay for lodging in a local hotel (one room) for you and your family for up to two nights during the week and up to three nights over a weekend. Prospective students can stay with a student in the dormitory but because our dorms are full we cannot guarantee a bed. Visitors wishing to stay in the dorm should bring a sleeping bag and their own towels.

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When should I make my travel plans?

Southwestern needs at least a week's notice to make all the arrangements for your visit. Please contact Ms. Tina Bottsford, Director of Enrollment, by e-mail at tinabot@swau.edu or by phone at 1-800-433-2240 extension 6408 to make arrangements. Please call Tina before you buy your tickets or finalize your travel plans because there are some dates when we are unable to host campus visitors (see dates below).

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