A Framework for Living

Students at Southwestern are given a framework for living, which they will learn to build upon and design to fit their future during their time at Southwestern.

Student Consumer Information

Disciplinary Procedure

During the disciplinary hearing, the perpetrator and the victim are entitled to the same opportunities to have relevant witnesses present during the hearing. The Discipline Committee must make known to the perpetrator, as well as the victim, the final determination and any sanction that is imposed against the perpetrator. When a student is in violation of the university policy, the following sequence may take place:

1. The student is counseled by the appropriate faculty/staff members.

2. The student is given a hearing before the Discipline Committee composed of the staff and faculty members. This committee is chaired by a faculty member.

3. Appropriate disciplinary action will be rendered by the committee.

4. In most cases, the decision will be communicated to the student by the committee, in special cases by the VP for Student Services.