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Fire Report 2007-2008


Southwestern Adventist University


Residence Halls


Fire Safety Report 2007-2008



Student Housing Facilities


FacilityStyleSafety SystemSprinker System
Harmon HallDormitoryAutomatic Smoke Detectors/Manual PullNo Stations/Extinguishers
Hadley HallDormitoryAutomatic Smoke Detectors/Manual PullNo Stations/Extinguishers
Meier HallDormitoryAutomatic Smoke Detectors/Manual PullNo Stations/Extinguishers
Miller HallDormitoryAutomatic Smoke Detectors/Manual PullNo Stations/Extinguishers
The VillaDormitoryAutomatic Smoke Detectors/Manual PullNo Stations/Extinguishers
LakeviewApartmentsSmoke Detectors/ExtinguishersNo 


Student Housing Fire Report Statistics 2007-2008

Number of Fires                           0

Cause of Fires                              N/A

Location                                       N/A

Injuries                                        0

Deaths                                         0

Property Damage Value                 0

Number of Supervised Fire Drills     2 (Will be conducted once per semester)

Fire Drill Information for Student Housing

Fires do not discriminate – they happen on and off campus. So, know the facts to keep yourself safe.

1.       Know exactly where your emergency exits are located. Always go out the exit closest to your room. On the back of your room door is a floor plan that shows you the closest exit to your room.

2.       If you suspect fire n the hallway, don’t open your door. Feel the door to see if it’s hot. Stuff towels or sheets under your door so less smoke can enter and stay close to the floor where the air isn’t as smoky.

3.       Call 911 and give them your location.

4.       Always heed the fire alarm, even when you believe it may be “just another drill.” You never know for sure so get out quickly and carefully. Assuming it’s false could put your life and others (those who may need to re-enter a fire to rescue you) in jeopardy.

5.       When you hear the fire alarms go off, you need to do the following:

  • Evacuate the residence hall immediately
  • Close your room door behind you to confine smoke/fire
  • Stay close to the floor where there is less smoke
  • Meet with your Resident Assistant in the designated location
  • Re-enter the dormitory when your Resident Assistant gives the okay.

Fire Drill Training for Residence Hall Staff

In August of each school year all Southwestern University Deans and Resident Assistants will participate in a Fire Safety Training Course conducted by the Keene Fire Department. When the Fire Safety Training Course is completed each Dean and Resident Assistant will be able to demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher and evacuate resident’s safety from the various dormitories they live in.

Fire Evacuation Policies

Fire and evacuation information is posted on the back of each door in the residence hall. Residents should be familiar with this information. Southwestern Adventist University considers fire safety extremely important, and students have an obligation to adhere to university regulations, as well as city and state statutes. Residents will participate in periodic fire drills each semester. Failure to respond appropriately to fire alarms will result in disciplinary action for those involved.

Fire Policies for Student Housing


Cooking is allowed only in the Harmon Hall kitchen. Students are permitted to have small refrigerators and small microwaves in their rooms, but do to fire hazards concerns, other kitchen appliances with exposed heating elements are not allowed. Electrical appliances that are NOT allowed are electric heaters, electric burners, hot plates, electric skillet, electric frying pan/wok, and toaster ovens.

Items Prohibited in Student Housing

  • Candles, Incense, or Potpourri – requiring an open flame
  • Appliances with exposed heating elements
  • Fireworks
  • Combustible paints/liquids
  • Halogen lamps
  • Ungrounded extension cords (two-prong type)

Fire Safety Inspections

Fire Alarm Inspection Records for Student Housing are on file at Southwestern Adventist University Physical Plant.

Misuse of Fire Safety Equipment

Don’t tamper with fire equipment such as extinguishers, hoses, and alarm boxes. Malfunctioning equipment can be a matter of life and death in a real fire situation. Any individual who misuses or tampers with fire safety equipment will be subject to disciplinary action and a $200 fine as well as the cost of repair or replacement of misused or damaged equipment, cleaning of the facility, and damage to other property. Fire safety equipment includes, but is not limited to signs, extinguishers, smoke detectors, and pull stations.