General Education

General education classes prepare you for life, not just your first job.

General Education

“Education does not consist merely in adorning the memory. . . Its main business should be to direct the will.”-Joubert


A college education involves much more than taking a major.   The most significant changes you will experience in your intellectual growth will occur in Southwestern's  program of general education.   These core courses of a college education prepare you for life, not just your first job. 

Courses in the areas of communication, computer science, English, and mathematics help nurture skills essential for life.  Courses in the fields of history, sociology, and political science illuminate the social context of our lives.  Courses in laboratory science provide greater sophistication in understanding how empirical research enlarges our understanding of nature.  Courses in literature, music, and art enrich our ability to experience the world.  Courses in physical education provide the balance our bodies require.  And courses in religion seek to provide not only information about the Bible but also to cultivate spiritual maturation.

General education courses should be carefully selected with the aid of one's academic advisor.  For the most part, they will be taken during your first two years of college, although you are likely to take a few general education classes, especially in religion, in your junior or senior years.  As much as possible, these courses  should be taken on the campus of Southwestern, where all of our teachers are committed Seventh-day Adventists.