Honoring God at Graduation

The graduation ceremonies at Southwestern Adventist University are both formal academic ceremonies and religious services. We want to honor the graduates on this joyous occasion, but even more we want to honor God.

A Family Event

Commencement Services are a time for celebration and commemoration by graduates, as well as their friends and families.


Faculty and staff members rejoice in the success of their students, and are eager to wish them well during graduation ceremonies.

Appropriate Dignity

We require that all participants in the services behave with appropriate dignity.


Graduation Weekend

Commencement, as countless previous graduations have reminded students, is the beginning of life in a bigger world. It is an opportunity for parents to watch their children become responsible adults. It is a chance for graduates to prove that they are ready for any challenges that the world has for them. And it gives Southwestern Adventist University the means to share its mandate of developing responsible Christian citizens with a waiting society. The greatest argument for the benefits of Christian education comes in our graduates.

Here's to you, Class of 2016!

Use the links here for information regarding graduation. They will help you navigate around campus, and guide you to accommodations, area restaurants and other features that will help you enjoy your time in Keene.


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