Honoring God at Graduation

The graduation ceremonies at Southwestern Adventist University are both formal academic ceremonies and religious services. We want to honor the graduates on this joyous occasion, but even more we want to honor God.

A Family Event

Commencement Services are a time for celebration and commemoration by graduates, as well as their friends and families.


Faculty and staff members rejoice in the success of their students, and are eager to wish them well during graduation ceremonies.

Appropriate Dignity

This year's ceremonies will take place in May, 2014. We require that all participants in the services behave with appropriate dignity.


For Juniors (Steps to Graduation)

Juniors need to start preparing for graduation three semesters before they are ready to march. For most, this will mean the spring semester of junior year.

  • Fill out a contract for graduation with an academic advisor. These may be picked up at the same time as an application of graduation.
  • After obtaining an advisor’s signature, student may bring their contract to Jason Kowarsch in the Records Office.
  • Look for a letter from Mr. Kowarsch with approval or further instructions.