A Life-changing Experience

Academics at Southwestern are engaging, rigorous, pertinent to life and grounded in a commitment to Christian witness.

Learning, Growing, Changing

The university experience is, first and foremost, an opportunity for students to learn to think, believe, and decide.

Quality Enhancement Plan


In order to reach its goal of improving research skills and writing through information literacy, Southwestern Adventist University students will demonstrate competency in:


1. Technical Performance
a. Using the library’s online catalogue
b. Accessing databases
c. Using internet search engines
d. Understanding computer hardware
e. Understanding software operating systems
f. Entering, editing, and formatting data within text documents
g. Using presentation applications
h. Understanding the ethical uses of computer

2. Research Skills
a. Formulating the research question
b. Determining the nature and authority of sources
c. Accessing sources through catalogues, databases, and search engines
d. Analyzing the information in sources
e. Synthesizing information from various sources
f. Understanding the principles of documentation
g. Understanding the ethical uses of source material
h. Documenting an essay using a discipline-specific style manual

3. Writing
a. Reading and writing a paragraph
b. Formulating the thesis statement
c. Defining a specific purpose
d. Writing an expository essay
e. Understanding the principles of development, coherence, and clarity
f. Understanding the principles of argumentation
g. Understanding the principles of reasoning and logic
h. Editing a document

4. Critical Thinking a. Refining the research question b. Understanding the nature of information c. Evaluating various points of view d. Identifying and justifying assumptions e. Identifying key concepts and ideas f. Considering implications and consequences g. Identifying inferences and their logical conclusions h. Understanding bias and propaganda