Gaining Experience

Communication students benefit from experience in their chosen field on campus and off.

Hands-on Learning

Students benefit from access to complete, professional radio and TV broadcasting facilities.

Field Trip

One of the highlights of the year is the communication field trip, when students visit TV and radio stations, advertising agencies and newspapers, often resulting in internships.


There's a great demand in the United States and around the world for men and women skilled in creating and managing the elements of modern communication. It's this department's aim to strengthen students' personal, public and professional communication skills.

Many communication students acquire valuable training and experience at one of more of the following facilities on or adjoining the campus:

The department encourages all upper division majors to complete an off-campus internship in their major field. Even before graduation, and sometimes as a direct result of internship positions, many of our majors are hired by these communication firms.

Communication alumni from Southwestern who have continued their education through graduate school have done so very successfully. This department prepares men and women to meet the challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities of Christian communication professionals in today's world.