Learning, Doing, Growing

Southwestern Adventist University believes in the development of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Opportunities Abound

We are more concerned with the quality of our many small programs than the development of bigger ones. As such, the educational focus is personal, and students have many opportunities to flourish.

An International Flavor

With students from more than two dozen countries, Southwestern offers the young person an opportunity to meet and interact while learning how the rest of the world lives.

Estimated Costs for 2014-2015

Meal Plans

(required for resident hall students)

Meal Plan

  • $1,900 (per semester - includes $125 for the Rusty Bucket)

This meal plan is required for undergraduate students under the age of 22 who have 89 or less cumulative credit hours on their Southwestern transcript. This plan is for unlimited access to the cafeteria seven days a week.

Meal Plan 22

  • $1,100 (per semester)


Undergraduate students who are 22 years of age or older and/or seniors (90+ credit hours), or off-campus students, may select either the regular Meal Plan or the Meal Plan 22. The Meal Plan 22 is not unlimited access. The student is charged by the meal for each entry to the cafeteria, with a $50 per day limit, until the $1,100 is used. A portion of this plan is used up each week regardless of entry into the cafeteria. Any portion of this balance may be spent in the Rusty Bucket.

Commuter Meal Plans

Students who live off campus have the option of either the Meal Plan or Meal Plan 22. They may also choose a Commuter Plan for $250 or $500 per semester. The Commuter Plan must be paid in cash or through a credit on the student account.

The Rusty Bucket is a snack shop within the cafeteria that is open Monday to Friday.  Hours are posted at the cafeteria.

Please note these guidelines:

  1. No decrease in chosen meal plans after registration week.
  2. Refunds for either meal plan are on pro-rata basis only when withdrawing from school or moving from the residence hall.
  3. Meals do not accrue from week to week.
  4. Meals over the chosen plan are cash only, posted cash rate.
  5. Meal plans may not be shared with other students or guests.