Learning, Doing, Growing

Southwestern Adventist University believes in the development of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Opportunities Abound

We are more concerned with the quality of our many small programs than the development of bigger ones. As such, the educational focus is personal, and students have many opportunities to flourish.

An International Flavor

With students from more than two dozen countries, Southwestern offers the young person an opportunity to meet and interact while learning how the rest of the world lives.

Financial Aid


External Scholarships

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University Scholarships

Freshman Awards

$2,000 to $8,000

A freshman student may qualify for one award from this category.  To receive this award, a student must be enrolled for 12 or more credit hours each semester.

These awards are determined through a combination of the senior mid-year high school cumulative GPA + SAT (Critical Reading and Math only)/ACT scores. The high school GPA is multiplied by 12.5. The ACT is multiplied by 1.4 or the SAT is divided by 32. The sum of the GPA and Test Score calculation is a score that determines the award.

2016-2017 (see the 15-16 Bulletin for information about 2015-2016 awards)

Southwestern Award of Excellence+     $8,000     (score 91-100)  
Trustee Award+     $7,000     (score 85-90)  
Presidential Award+     $6,000     (score 80-84)  
Academic Dean Award+     $4,000     (score 70-79)  
Achievement Award+     $3,000     (score 60-69)  

+Includes an additional $1,000 credited to tuition costs if the student lives in the residence hall. 

Students will receive a renewal scholarship for three years provided they meet these criteria.  Students must have at least one semester during consecutive fall and spring semesters with the following GPA’s:

  • 3.5 or greater for the Southwestern Award of Excellence and Trustee Award
  • 3.25 or greater for the Presidential Award
  • 3.0 or greater for the Academic Dean Award 
  • 2.5 or greater for the Achievement Award  

Students can increase their renewal scholarship up to the Presidential Award level by improving their GPA.  The scholarship increases to the next higher scholarship level when the student:

  1. Reaches the minimum GPA requirement of a higher scholarship during consecutive fall and spring semesters in a single academic year, and
  2. Completes 12 or more hours of course work each of these two semesters.

Likewise, if a student has consecutive fall and spring semesters in an academic year below the expected minimum, the student will drop to the next lower scholarship.

Students who begin attending Southwestern in their first year of college but did not earn a scholarship for their freshman year have a second chance for a scholarship based on their college GPA following the guidelines stated above.

A break in residency to attend another college will affect the renewal of these scholarships.

Leadership Scholarships

These scholarships are for one year and applicable only for incoming freshmen at Southwestern, and are over and above any Southwestern academic scholarship the student qualifies for. If a student has held more than one office, only one scholarship can be awarded and will be given for the highest office held.


Student Association President$2,500
Senior Class President$2,500
Senior Class Valedictorian$2,500
Student Association Vice President      $2,000
Yearbook Editor$2,000
Newspaper Editor$2,000
Senior or Junior Class officer$1,000
Student Association officer$1,000
Pathfinder Team Leadership Training Certificate (TLTC)$1,000

Honors Scholarship

Honors Scholarships are given to students who are enrolled in the honors program. There are two honors scholarships. One is for students who are taking 18 credits in a semester that includes an honors class. The amount of this scholarship is the cost of tuition for one credit hour. The second is for students who are in the honors program and whose grade classification is above the freshman level:

Sophomore   $500

The final $1,000 of the senior award is given only after the student has completed his or her senior thesis.

Southwestern Scholars Award

The Southwestern Scholars Award is given to students who achieve the level of Finalist, Semi-finalist, or National Hispanic Scholar in the National Merit Qualifying Test.  Students must take the Pre-SAT test their junior year and the SAT test their senior year to qualify.  Selection is determined by the College Board.

Finalist100% tuition (renewable 3 years)
Semi-Finalist50% tuition (renewable 3 years)


Students may also qualify by scoring at or above the 99.5 percentile on the ACT or SAT (a sum of the ACT skill area scores totaling 132 or greater or a composite SAT verbal and math score of 1510).  Test scores must be from a single national test date.

This scholarship is renewable if the student maintains a 3.5 cumulative GPA and enrolls for 12 or more hours each semester.  Transfer students who were recognized by the National Merit organization as a Semi-finalist or Finalist and who have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA are also eligible for this award.  This scholarship, along with all other Southwestern scholarships, cannot exceed tuition. Likewise, credit balances from Southwestern scholarships and resources other than loans will result in a reduction of the scholarship. Students who qualify for both Freshman Award and the Southwestern Scholars Awards receive the higher of the two.

Transfer Scholarship

$1,500 to $4,000

A transfer student with at least 24 cumulative college credits from other colleges may qualify for one of the following scholarships:

  • $4,000 if cumulative GPA from prior colleges is 3.75+
  • $3,000 if cumulative GPA from prior colleges is 3.50-3.74
  • $2,000 if cumulative GPA from prior colleges is 3.00-3.49
  • $1,500 if cumulative GPA from prior colleges is 2.75-2.99

All official transcripts from previously attended colleges must be on file with Southwestern before this scholarship will be awarded.  To receive this scholarship, a student must be enrolled for 12 or more credit hours each semester.  This scholarship is renewable for two years for students transferring 24-55 credits, and one year for students transferring 56-89 credits.  The scholarship is not renewable for students transferring 90+ credits.  This scholarship is renewable only for students who are in a good scholastic standing, who maintain a commendable citizenship record.

3-Way Match Scholarship

A 3-Way Scholarship allows a student’s family, church or a concerned person, and Southwestern Adventist University scholarship funds to assist with payment of the Southwestern student account.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a commitment from two different sources. Thus, contributions of $500 each from two different sources may be matched by $500 from the university.  While $500 is the maximum award, smaller 3-Way donations can also be matched.

It is important to note that application for these funds does not mean automatic approval of the Southwestern matching portion.  This match is put on the student’s account after the student’s final payday each semester, and is subject to the following criteria:  a) application and acceptance for federal/state grants and loans, b) unmet need by the federal aid calculation and c) unmet expenses after all other aid and student earnings.  A student who has a private residence hall room, has excessive miscellaneous charges such as fines, or receives educational allowance, is not eligible to receive a 3-Way Scholarship match.  To receive the Southwestern match, all contributions must be received by December 1 for fall semester and April 1 for spring semester.

Callicott Scholarship

The Callicott Scholarship is available to students who may need assistance after federal, state, and institutional aid.  Applicants must be working, placing earnings on their accounts, have applied for federal/state grants and loans for which they are eligible, and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.  This scholarship is awarded late in the semester. A thank-you note is required.

Pechero Scholarship

$300 to $800 matched by Southwestern funds

The Pechero scholarship is need-based, and offered to residents of the following Texas counties:  Bee, Bexar, Calhoun, Cameron, Galveston, Harris, Hidalgo, Jackson, Nueces and Willacy.  A limited number of these scholarships are available, and applicants will be individually evaluated as to eligibility.  The evaluation takes into consideration application for and acceptance of federal/state grants and loans, expected student earnings and academic standing.  Applications may be obtained by contacting Student Financial Services.  All awards for an academic year will be determined before the beginning of each fall semester.  Students may receive this award for up to four years.  Application is required each year. A thank-you note is required.

Southwestern Union Educational Endowment Scholarship

The Southwestern Union Educational Endowment Scholarship is given only to Seventh-day Adventist students from the Southwestern Union Conference territory who:

a) are enrolled full time at Southwestern Adventist University.

b) give evidence of dedication by commitment to their local church program and willingness to participate in God's work whether as an employee or as a lay person.

c) have an established financial need.

d) maintain an acceptable scholarship and citizenship record.

Applications may be obtained through the Student Finance Office. A limited number of these scholarships are available, and applicants will be individually evaluated as to eligibility. Yearly awards range from $300-$1,000. A thank-you note is required.

Student Missionary & Task Force Worker Scholarship


Southwestern awards scholarships to students who successfully complete a full term of service no shorter than 8 months in an approved student missionary or task force program.  These awards are evenly divided over the two semesters of the school year immediately following the return of the student missionary or task force worker.

Summer Ministries Scholarship

Up to $2,000

Southwestern students who work between school years in a summer ministries program (such as at a summer camp or as a literature evangelist) will receive a scholarship worth 75% of whatever portion of their net earnings they apply to their account, up to $2,000.  The student’s earnings are applied to the fall semester and the Southwestern match is applied to the spring semester.  If the student does not return for the second semester, this scholarship is forfeited. To receive the full scholarship, a student must be enrolled for 12 or more credit hours in the semester.  This scholarship will be awarded only in the academic year immediately following the summer work. This scholarship is not available to students in discounted programs (PBS, ESL, etc.)

Summer Tuition Scholarship

The Summer Tuition Scholarship benefits students who during the summer, as a junior or senior high school student, take GEOL 240 The Dinosaurs.  The scholarship will be awarded for the fall semester immediately following the enrollment and will be equal to the amount of tuition paid for this summer class.

Summer Work Scholarship

Students who pay rent for campus housing during the summer, work a certain number of hours at a campus job, and place at least 80% of their earnings on their student account, may be eligible for a scholarship the following year. Applications are available at Student Financial Services.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Award


Students who take 12 or more credit hours of English as a Second Language coursework in a semester will receive a tuition discount.  No other Southwestern scholarships are available to students during that semester.

Lab School Graduate Scholarship

50% of tuition

Students who teach for one of the University’s lab schools (schools in districts who have a contract with the Education Department for student teaching) will receive a 50% tuition discount for graduate classes taken on campus.  Distance learning classes will be assessed an additional fee.

Post-Baccalaureate Student Scholarship

50% of tuition

Post-baccalaureate students receive a 50% tuition discount for undergraduate courses.  This does not include classes in nursing, student teaching, ESL,  independent study, distance learning, private lesson fees or laboratory charges.  Students receiving the PBS discount do not qualify for other Southwestern Scholarships.

Endowed Awards and Scholarships

To give formal and public recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement, loyalty to University standards, and exemplary citizenship, the University conducts an Awards Convocation each spring.  Recipients are selected based on criteria established by the scholarship donors.

The University is grateful to the donors who support Southwestern students by establishing these endowed scholarships. Those interested in creating a named scholarship may contact the Office of University Advancement.

  • 1993 Senior Scholarship
  • Frank H. Abel Scholarship
  • Alumni Homecoming Honoree Scholarship
  • Marvin & Dee Anderson Scholarship *
  • Victor Baca Scholarship
  • Isaac Baker Scholarship
  • Norma P. Bartolome Scholarship
  • Nathan L. Beebe Scholarship
  • Thelma Beem Scholarship
  • Jessie Casey Belz Scholarship
  • Irene Black Scholarship
  • Mardian J. Blair Scholarship
  • Board of Trustees Scholarship
  • T. A. "Jack" Casey Scholarship
  • Frances Draper Brennan Scholarship
  • Edward & Sylvia Brickman Scholarship
  • Raleigh & Edith Burchfield Scholarship
  • John & Remy R. Cabansag Scholarship*
  • Frances I. Clark Scholarship
  • Jimmie C. Culpepper Scholarship
  • John & Joan Curnow Student Missionary Scholarship
  • DinoDig Field Research Scholarship
  • Clarence W. Dortch Scholarship
  • Judson N. Durrant Memorial Scholarship
  • Edwards-Wiest Scholarship
  • El Jean Scholarship
  • Eli Fund
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  • Joseph & Dina Espinosa Scholarship
  • Sadie Goodwin-Richardson Scholarship
  • Lessie Culpepper Hagen Scholarship
  • Dr. F.E.J. & Marjorie Harder Scholarship
  • Orville Lee & Laura Judge Hayes Scholarship
  • Alvin C. Heinrich Scholarship
  • Dale Heinrich Music Scholarship
  • James K. Hopps Scholarship*
  • Claude Hughes Student Help
  • Victorine Zaidan Kafrouni Scholarship
  • Cecil E. Lambeth Scholarship
  • Elder George E. & Pearl Leffler Scholarship
  • George E. Leffler, Jr. Scholarship
  • Florence Lemke Nursing Scholarship
  • George Mathews Scholarship
  • Daniel & Ruth McAdams Scholarship
  • Raymond and Zora Jean McMullen Scholarship
  • Jason Mickley Scholarship
  • Cyril & Marian Miller Scholarship
  • Fred B. & Blanche Gilbert Moore Scholarship
  • Peggy A. Norris Memorial Scholarship
  • Sheree Parris Nudd Communication Scholarship
  • Odyssey Harbor Scholarship
  • Shirley Pinterich Scholarship
  • Charles Popejoy Scholarship
  • Bruce Prindle Scholarship
  • Ed & Janelle Reifsnyder Scholarship
  • V.L. & Alga Roberts Scholarship
  • Herbert & Irene Roth Scholarship
  • Alma Saylor Sandefur Scholarship
  • Carol Sample and Ben R. Condray Scholarship
  • Cree & Mildred Sandefur Scholarship
  • School of the Prophets Scholarship
  • E. Frank & Joy Hargrove Sherrill Scholarship
  • Sicher Family Scholarship
  • Villa Gillis Sierk Scholarship
  • Marc Simpson Memorial Scholarship
  • Eugene Sorensen Scholarship
  • Spells Family Scholarship
  • Wes Stoops Scholarship
  • Southwestern Union Scholarship
  • Student Association Presidents' Scholarship
  • Eugene V. Thomsen Scholarship
  • Dudley & Reta Kent Tomblinson Scholarship
  • Trixie Pearl Scholarship
  • Herman & Birdie Walker Scholarship
  • Wallen Knight Scholarship
  • Weis Heritage Scholarship
  • William V. Wiist Scholarship
  • Brandon Michael Williams Scholarship
  • P. Harlan & Jean Wilson Scholarship
  • Paul L. & Dorothea A. Wilson Scholarship
  • George W. & Mary A. Winn Scholarship
  • Wisdom Nursing Scholarship
  • Ernest & Vera Wolfe Scholarship
  • Harold L. Wright Scholarship
  • Perfil & Pauline Zapara Scholarship

* Scholarships for which students must apply.