Learning, Doing, Growing

Southwestern Adventist University believes in the development of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Opportunities Abound

We are more concerned with the quality of our many small programs than the development of bigger ones. As such, the educational focus is personal, and students have many opportunities to flourish.

An International Flavor

With students from more than two dozen countries, Southwestern offers the young person an opportunity to meet and interact while learning how the rest of the world lives.

Estimated Costs for 2015-2016

Books and Supplies

Books and class supplies will cost approximately $700 per semester. Students may charge up to this amount on their student accounts each semester.

Medical Insurance

$1,187 for the year, includes fall, spring and summer

Medical insurance is required for all students registered for 6 or more credit hours.  Medical insurance can be purchased at registration for the academic year if the student is not covered by another plan.  No refunds will be made after the second week of classes.

Medical Insurance for International Students

$1,187 for the year, includes fall, spring and summer

Immigration requires that all international students have 12-month medical insurance coverage while in the United States. International students must purchase major medical insurance coverage through the University at the time of registration. Medical insurance from a home country will not be accepted. If a student is insured through the SDA General Conference system, the international student must provide documentation of equivalent insurance coverage. No refunds will be made after the second week of classes.


Assembly fine for each absence beyond the one absence allowed: $10.

Cafeteria fines for infractions of cafeteria policy.

Library fines are assessed for overdue library materials and lost items.

Residence hall fines for improper checkouts, lost keys, and infractions of residence hall policies.

Miscellaneous fines may be assessed as deemed appropriate by the administration.