Learning, Doing, Growing

Southwestern Adventist University believes in the development of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Opportunities Abound

We are more concerned with the quality of our many small programs than the development of bigger ones. As such, the educational focus is personal, and students have many opportunities to flourish.

An International Flavor

With students from more than two dozen countries, Southwestern offers the young person an opportunity to meet and interact while learning how the rest of the world lives.

Student Accounts


Southwestern Adventist University transcript services are provided by Parchment Exchange - including requests and payment. The link to this service is located in the web portal. Costs: electronic transcripts - $5, paper mailed transcripts - $7, and additional charges for overnight and international mailings. A transcript is collateral for any unpaid student account balance. Transcripts and diplomas are not released if a student's account is not paid in full, if student has not completed federal student loan counseling, if government loans are not current in repayment, or if the academic file is incomplete. If a check to pay off a student account balance accompanies a transcript request, the transcript will be held until the check is cleared. Requests accompanied by credit card information, a money order or a bank draft are processed more quickly. Replacement diplomas will be assessed a $50.00 charge.