Business Administration

Programmatic Information

Changes in Business and Business-Related Degree Programs For 2007-2008

Identify any significant changes that have taken place in your business and business-related degree programs during the reporting periods (2008-2009)

 Programmatic Information 2007-2008



1. Did you terminate any degree programs during the reporting year?




If yes, please identify terminated programs:

BBA in Business Administration

BS in Management

AS in Office Technology

Effective in Fall of 2009



2. Were changes made in any of your business majors, concentration, or emphasis?



If yes, please identify the changes by adding an additional page to this document:



3. Were any new degree programs in business established during the academic year?



If yes, please identify the new degree programs:

It was voted by the Academic Policies Committee of Southwestern Adventist University, after recommendation by the faculty of the Department of Business Administration, to add BS in Business, BS in Business and Kinesiology, BBA in Finance emphasis, and MBA in Finance emphasis, effective in fall of 2009



4. Was the approval of your regional accrediting body required for any of these programs?



If yes, please attach a copy of the material you sent to your regional accrediting body to obtain the approval.  Please also submit a copy of your regional accrediting body's response.



Administrative Change Information 2007-2008

Identify any administrative changes that directly affect your academic business unit.

Such changes would include;

  • Your business unit’s primary representative to IACBE,
  • Your designated alternate to IACBE,
  • Your institution’s president and academic vice president, and
  • The head of your business unit (if different from the primary representative to the IACBE).

If the incumbent in any of these administrative positions has changed, include the new incumbent’s name, his or her title, telephone and fax numbers and email address.








Finance Professor

 Radhames Lizardo

Full Professor




Accounting professor

 Karen Senecal

Associate Professor




Business Professor

Roger Dunder 

Associate Professor 




Marketing Professor

Chester Baker 

Adjunct Professor




Business Professor

David Phillips





Business Professor

Maryon Westerman 

Adjunct Professor




 Business Professor

 Sarah Procctor

Adjunct Professor 




 Business Professor

 Jerry Chi

Full Professor


Economics Professor

Fred  Harder

Adjunct Professor