Commencement Is the Beginning

Our goal is to prepare students for the role they will take in the world for the rest of their lives.

Friendly Environment

Our classes are small, our teachers are knowledgeable, and our topics are relevant.

Applying Modern Tools

Students learn how to use the tools of the trade in business, and apply the principles that will make them valuable in the marketplace.

Business Administration

Overseas Program

Southwestern Adventist University will be offering a Business Students Overseas Study Tour to Taiwan Adventist College during May 4-June 26.  Students from all Adventist colleges are welcomed to join this study tour.   The mission of Southwestern Adventist University Overseas Study Program is to enhance international awareness and understanding, enrich curricula on other Adventist campuses, and expand educational opportunities abroad for students from diverse backgrounds.

Courses Offered at Taiwan Adventist College but taught by Southwestern Adventist University business professors

  • BUAD 301 Principles of Management
  • MKTG 343 Principles of Marketing
  • CHI101 Basic Chinese

Business Internship at:

Special Features

  1. Room and Board:  Free of Charge.  Students do not need to pay room and board. It will save you $1,200-$1,500 dollars.
  2. Valuable 8-Week Study Tour:  Pay $2,081 to cover airfares ($1,200), activity fees ($600) and Insurance ($50), visa ($131), and deposit ($100) by the due date March 1, 2011, to SWAU Business Department.
  3. Summer Tuition Charges for Two Courses: $502 x 6 credit hours= $3,012.If you only need to take 3 credit hours for this trip, please contact Jerry Chi for a different rate.
  4. Six Sundays and Saturdays (5/3-6/17)   – Sightseeing and Recreational Activities
  5. Eight-Day Taipei City/ National Park Tour (6/17/11-6/26/11)
  6. You can learn Chinese for six weeks and transfer 3 credit hours back SWAU for fulfilling your general elective requirements.  You only need to pay TAC tuition, $210 for tuition and $60 for the textbook.
  7. You can be a student missionary!  Internship (3-8 credit hours) being a missionary to teach English, which will enhance your international work experiences and exposures.

 Sunday Activities at National Park (May 8, 15, 22, 29 June 5, 12)

Taipei City Tour (June 17-June 26, 2011)

Wonderful Learning Experiences Through Southwestern Adventist University!

Payment Date

  1. Deadline for acceptance into the class is April, 2011.  Your passport must be ready for the visa application.
  2. Students must pay $2,081 to cover airfare ($1,200), activity fees ($600) and Insurance ($50), visa ($131), and deposit ($100) by March 1. This fee should be paid to the SWAU Business Department.
  3. Students must complete their preregistration and pay the summer discounted tuition for 6 credit hours is $3,012 ($502 x 6 credits) by April 15.

 Payment must be made by check, money order, or credit card. Credit card users will be charged a 3% processing fee.

Students Responsibilities

Airfare Charged @ $1200 $1,100 (will be adjusted)
Visa Expenses ($131) $131
Activities Fees (Student Paid) $600
Travel Insurance $50 (will be adjusted)
Meal Plan (7 Weeks) Free of Charge
Room, Facility, Lab Free of Charge
Total Travelling Package $2,081
Tuition ($502 x 6 credit hours) $3,012

Total (Approximately) $5,093

Application Form

Download Application Form (click here)- EXCEL Format

Class Responsibilities

  1. Students will spend 4 hours for the morning class, 3 hours for hotel management internship and 4 hours in the evening for the business course from Monday to Thursday, and use the whole day Friday for doing their own homework, test preparation and appointment with business professors.
  2. Students are expected to follow the TAC academic policy and campus rules.
  3. Students are expected to participate in church worship activities Saturday morning and recreational activities in the national park Saturday afternoons and evenings.
  4. Students are expected to participate in tours and sightseeing activities on Sundays and last week (10 days) at capital city, Taipei.
  5. The last date of trip will be designated for personal shopping, sightseeing and relaxation.  Students can also join group activities as planned.

Costs/Itinerary Changes

All costs and expenses are subject to price and currency fluctuation.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. The deposit is non-refundable except course cancellation and academic ineligibility.
  2. Activities fee is refundable for certain percentage, approved by the chair and academic dean.
  3. Airfare is refundable too, but students must pay the penalty, charged by airline and travel agency.
  4. Tuition refund will be applied based on SWAU refund policy.
  5. Students need to take care of the refunds of trip insurance and visa individually.
  6. The chair of business administration department should be notified of all cancellation and refunds.  Written notification must  be submitted by students and approved by the chair and academic dean.

Financial Aid

Students who are accepted for participation in the Overseas Study Plan may be eligible for financial aid if they meet federal requirements for loans or grants. Students should work with Student financial Service early in the spring semester to determine what funds may be available.

Information for Students from Other Universities:

  1. Please contact Dr. Chi for the application ( and registration information.
  2. Please get permission from your university for taking any of these four courses.
  3. Follow Southwestern's registration process and contact Southwestern's record office at 817-202-6221. 

Application and Registration


  1. Complete the tour application form at Dr. Chi’s office.
  2. Students need to complete preregistration of two courses, Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing
  3. Students not currently enrolled at Southwestern Adventist University should have their university or registrar mail official  academic transcripts to the SWAU registrar.
  4. Send a deposit of $100 (non-refundable) make payable to Southwestern Adventist University- Department of Business Administration
    Department of Business Administration
    Southwestern Adventist University
    100 Hillcrest Street
    Keene, TX 76059


U.S. travelers planning to visit longer than 30 days may apply for and receive a visitor visa at one of the Taiwan Overseas Missions.  The processing fee is U.S. $131. For visa application, US citizen or non-US citizens need to apply here and here

Students without a current US passport should go to local post office to begin the application process immediately.

For Further Information: 

Jerry L. Chi, MBA, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Business Administration
Director of MBA Program
Professor of Business Administration

Southwestern Adventist University
100 W Hillcrest
Keene, TX 76059
Phone: 817-202-6224 (Office)