Developing Talents

Our goal is to help our students to develop their talents to the full in order that they might be successful in meeting the challenges ahead of them.

Why Study Computer Science

The best reason to study computer science is because you have a passion and talent for problem solving, as well as a love of seeing computers carrying out your commands.

We Take the Long View

We have a strong sense of mission: to prepare our students not just for a career, but also for eternity. We truly take the long view when it comes to education.

Computer Science

Graduates from our program have found employment as programmers, web developers, database managers, network managers, system administrators, and help-desk managers. Others have gone on to open their own businesses. Several have continued their education in graduate school. Some have applied their knowledge in fields outside of computer science. For example, a couple have become teachers. Another has gone on to medical school.

The feedback that we have received from employers of our graduates has been excellent. They have noted that our graduates have been talented, motivated, hardworking, reliable, and loyal. Furthermore, they have noted that our graduates adhere to high ethical standards. In fact, many employers have hired more than one of our graduates after their experience with the first one hired.