Top-notch Academics

Southwestern boasts one of the best English departments of any Adventist college or university in North America.

A Thinking Person's Major

An English degree from Southwestern prepares students to use critical thinking skills that will be valuable regardless of where they go after school.

Approachable Teachers

Many students find that their Southwestern teachers become their lifelong friends.


English, B.A., Writing Emphasis Plan

ENGL 211 Approaches to Research and Criticism 3    
ENGL 231 American Literature I or ENGL 232 American Literature II 3    
ENGL 342 Composition Theory and Practice 3    
ENGL 414 History of the English Language 3    
ENGL 458 Literary Analysis 3    
ENGL 464 Advanced Grammar 3    
3 hours from the following:      
ENGL 451 Studies in Renaissance Literature      
ENGL 452 Studies in 17th Century Literature      
ENGL 453 Studies in 18th Century Literature      
ENGL 454 Studies in Medieval Literature      
3 hours from the following:      
ENGL 455 Studies in Romantic Literature      
ENGL 456 Studies in Victorian Literature      
ENGL 457 Studies in 20th Century Literature      
ENGL 459 The American Classics 6    
And 9 hours from the following:      
ENGL 333 Narrative Writing   3  
Prerequisite: ENGL 220      
The course focuses on the writing of narrative, examining traditional and non-traditional plots, character development, dialogue, setting, and other literary techniques.      
ENGL 335 Essay and Opinion Writing   3  
Prerequisite: ENGL 220      
The course focuses on non-narrative prose, the students writing personal and persuasive essays, opinion pieces and editorials, autobiography and memory vignettes, and travel essays.      
ENGL 339 Poetry Writing   3  
Prerequisite: ENGL 220      
Careful writing of poems, reading of poetry by class members as well as established poets; supportive workshop context.      
ENGL 340 Drama Writing   3  
Prerequisite: ENGL 220      
This course focuses on writing for performance, which may include the creation of stage plays as well as screenplays. General concepts are included to provoke thought about writing on a much broader basis. The course includes material on the genres of comedy and tragedy, as well as dialogue, characterization, conflict, action, and setting.      
ENGL 440 Senior Project   3  
Prerequisite: ENGL 220      
A student works closely with a professor to produce a major writing sample, suitable for and prepared for publication.      
    Total: 33