Many Ways to Learn English

ESL students learn in and out of the classroom.

A History of Success

Many ESL students complete the program and go on to graduate with a college degree from Southwestern.

English as a Second Language

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I begin my ESL program?

You may begin in August or January.

How much does it cost to be an ESL student at Southwestern?

ESL students receive a tuition discount and pay 38% less than other University students. (see what our Bulletin says) Use our ESL Price Calculator.

Where do I stay while I am enrolled at Southwestern?

Some ESL students live off-campus but most live in the residence halls on campus. ESL students benefit from having English-speaking roommates. Students can choose among several dining plans for the campus cafe.

Can I work on campus?

International students on an F-1 visa can work up to 20 hours per week on campus.

How long is the program?

The program starts every semester, in August and again in January. Each semester is 16 weeks from August to December and from January to May. Students can complete ESL classes in one to three semesters depending on their proficiency in English.

Will someone pick me up at the airport when I fly to Texas?

Yes! Send us your flight schedule and we will pick you up free of charge.

How do I apply?

a. Fill out the on-line application form and submit it.

b. Submit all requested documents, including high school transcript, personal data form, financial statement, budget form, and sponsor form.

c. After we receive all of your documentation, we review your file, and determine your admission status. If accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter.

d. Send your pre-payment - the amount specified in your acceptance letter.

e. We send you an I-20.

f. Get your visa, buy your airplane ticket, and fly to Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport in Texas.  

Visit our International Students page.