Many Ways to Learn English

ESL students learn in and out of the classroom.

A History of Success

Many ESL students complete the program and go on to graduate with a college degree from Southwestern.

English as a Second Language

What Students Say About Our Program

The ESL program at Southwestern is the most exciting experience I have had so far. I have developed friendships with people from all over the world. It is really good to speak English with everyone else. The people at Southwestern are really nice. The friendships that you establish at Southwestern are friendships that you will have forever. The classes are really good. All the field trips, labs, and classes are memories that I will store in an unforgettable place!

--Guilherme Figueredo - Brazil


ESL was the best experience I have had in my life. ESL for me was amazing - not just because I learned English, but because my professors, classmates and tutors made me feel as if I had a second family. We were always laughing in class. We also had a lot of activities and traveled to many places. The best part of the day was worship; where we all sang and prayed together. The tutors were also our friends. We always hang out together, even outside of ESL. Thanks ESL for this great experience.

--Itzel Riquelme - Mexico


Southwestern's ESL program was a wonderful way for me to learn English, learn more about North American culture, and to share many unforgettable activities with students from various countries of the world. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to study in this program. I will never forget the excellent teachers, tutors, and friends that I have made here. You are going to learn how to speak, read, listen to, and write English; as well as expand your horizons. I really enjoyed my time here! Thanks ESL staff!

--Jose Luis Rodriguez - Honduras


Southwestern's ESL program gives you the opportunity, not only to learn English, but also to be exposed to other languages and cultures as well. You are provided with a family-like atmosphere, where professors and tutors give you all the help you need in order to master the English language.

--Sarai Espinoza Ruis - Mexico


I have been at Southwestern taking ESL classes since last August. I came to Southwestern because my friend's sister recommended their ESL program to me. Because the students and teachers are so kind and friendly, I learned English with a lot more ease than I had in my own country.

--Yoshiki Karimata - Japan


If you decide to study English abroad, you must consider the conditions at the school at which you will be studying. I think that Southwestern is the best place to learn English quickly, in a peaceful community, surrounded by friendly students and staff. There are many activities and field trips that make learning exciting for me. Join us. You'll be happy you did!

--Young Gul Kim - Korea