Learning from the Acts of Others

Courses in history or other of the social sciences, such as political science or historical geography, offer perhaps the most exciting and challenging areas of study – humans and the consequences of their actions.

History and Social Science

Sarah Osborn, Social Science/International Affairs (2011)

Sarah Osborn, '11 Social Science (emphasis International Affairs) graduate from San Antonio, got first-hand experience related to her degree in summer 2010. Sarah worked at a State Department internship with the American Embassy in Suriname. Suriname is in northern South America.

In her ten-week internship, Sarah worked in most of the embassy’s offices on a biweekly rotation. Most of the work was clerical, but it gave her good insights into the operation of an American embassy. It also included some contact work with the Suriname government.

The internship uniquely fitted Sarah’s degree program. While it ultimately may require graduate education, state department work is just one of the options open to graduates in Social Science.