Learning to Care

Students learn to nurture people as well as learn critical skills. The department's new Simulation Center helps students learn to apply what they learn in the classroom.

Learning from Professionals

Students have daily contact with nursing professionals who observe, correct and help tomorrow's nurses be their very best.

Junior Class Nursing Dedication

Junior class nursing students were dedicated on Saturday, Feb. 7. Watch the video produced by nursing students.

Watch here.


Application Process

1.     Apply Online to Southwestern and the Nursing Program at www.nursing.swau.edu.

2.     Obtain three Professional Reference Letters.  Print three reference forms from the nursing webpage or use copies provided by the Nursing Department.  Send completed forms to:  Admissions Office, Southwestern Adventist University, 100 W. Hillcrest, P.O. Box 567, Keene, TX 76059.

3.     Official transcripts of all schools attended must be sent to:  Admissions Office, Southwestern Adventist University, 100 W. Hillcrest, P.O. Box 567, Keene, TX 76059

4.     Successfully complete at least 50 semester credit hours of Nursing Pre-requisite, Nursing cognate, and General Education requirements.  See next page or look at the degree plan.

5.     Successfully complete the HESI Nursing Admission Exam. Minimum score of at least 80% is required on each of five sections:  Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Anatomy and Physiology, and Math.  Testing is May 15 through July 31.  Call 817-202-6658 for testing appointment.

6.     Send copies of Health Records to the Nursing Department

  • ·Physician’s Report of Physical Examination
  • Current immunization or positive titer for: Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Varicella (chicken pox), Hepatitis B, MCV (meningitis, if under age 30), Influenza (yearly Flu shot)
  • TB Test:  yearly PPD or Chest X-Ray every 3 years
  • Current CPR for the Healthcare Provider by the American Heart Association

7.     Complete an interview with a nursing advisor.

8.     Deadline for completion of all items listed above is August 15th.