A Recipe for Success

Working together, we can make your education happen.

A Land of Surprises

Those who have never lived in Texas may be in for a few surprises their first year on campus.

We're Here to Help

Staff and faculty work daily with students to make sure their stay at Southwestern is one of the high points of their life.

Counseling and Outreach Center

Welcome to Southwestern's Counseling and Outreach Center!

Curious about who we are and what we can do for you?  You can start by  exploring our website.  But in addition, we encourage you to visit us as well.  You'll find a friendly staff, a wealth of services, a quiet place to decompress the stress of university life, and chocolate in abundance.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our counselors, please contact us at 817-202-6255 or counseling[at]swau.edu.

Career Planning

You may have come to the university knowing just what career path to take or you may be exploring many careers. We are pleased to support you on your journey to a profession that will match your vocation. 

Southwestern's students and staff are welcome to take any of the career or interest inventories available through the Center for Student Success. Results offer insight into your aptitudes, achievements, interests, personality, and values, and how these will affect a particular career path.

You may find that your vocation--what Christians think of as a calling from God--is prompting you to take on new academic challenges. We want to help you.    


Dr. Mark Aldridge, a licensed counselor, is available for personal, couple, emotional, relational, and career counseling. His services are free of charge for Southwestern students. All contacts with a counselor at the Counseling and Student Success Center are covered by the appropriate Federal and State confidentiality laws and requirements. This means that any information disclosed during your contact with the counselor will be kept strictly confidential as required by law and by applicable ethical standards, with rare exceptions as noted in the agreement that you will read and sign before your first counseling session.