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Human Resources

Employee Forms and Resources

Life Insurance

·      AD&D Benefit Highlight Sheet

Explains the general purposes of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.

·      AD&D Enrollment Form

Enrollment form for Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. (This is voluntary insurance.)

·      Adventist Risk Management Personal Risk Information

Adventist Risk Management website with access to various forms relative to AD&D, Group Life, Long-term Disability, and Supplemental Life.

·      Long Term Disability

Certificate of Insurance for Long Term Disability Group Benefit Plan.

·      Supplemental Life Benefit Highlight Sheet

Explains the general purposes of Supplemental Life Insurance.

·      Supplemental Life Enrollment Form

Enrollment form for Supplemental Life Insurance. (This is voluntary insurance.)

Health Care Assistance Plan (HCAP)

·      Adventist Risk Management Website

Access to forms for the various life insurances as well as health care assistance plan forms and policies.

·      ARM Claim Reimbursement Request Form

Request reimbursement for:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage
  • Vision
  • Hearing Aid
  • Adult Immunizations

·      Health Care Plan Document (2015)

Describes the health care assistance plan in detail.

·      Short Term Medical

Temporary health insurance designed for people who are between permanent health plans.

Leave of Absence

·      Leave Notice Request

Application for leave of absence.

New Employee

·      Background Check Authorization

Authorization form for submitting to a background check.


·      Personal Information Request Form

Completion of this form helps us either find your current service record or start a record if you are a new denominational employee.



·      Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Authorization for Southwestern Adventist University to deposit your pay directly into your bank account.

·      I-9 Form

Federal form which establishes employee identity and employment authorization.


·      Online Travel & Miscellaneous Report

Provides online assistance in filling out and printing your expense report. Attach receipts and submit to financial vice president’s office.


·      W-4 Form

Employee’s withholding allowance certificate.


·      Adventist Retirement Plan Website

Access a video, Leaving Money on the Table, which outlines the importance of prudently planning for retirement by participating in the Adventist Retirement Plan.


·      Alternate Beneficiary Designation Form

Designate someone other than spouse as the beneficiary of employee’s Adventist Retirement Plan account. 


·      Answers to Your Questions About Retirement

Also known as the “Pink” book, this is a summary of the Seventh-day Adventist Retirement Plan of the North American Division—the defined benefit plan.


·      Defined Benefit Plan

Also known as the “Blue” book, this is the detailed policy book of the Seventh-day Adventist Retirement Plan of the North American Division-the defined benefit plan.


·      Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA)

Designate a voluntary contribution to the Adventist Retirement Plan (ARP) and name a primary and secondary beneficiary.


·      SHARP Booklet

Introduces the North American Division Supplemental Healthcare Adventist Retirement Plan (SHARP), and gives eligible retirees the opportunity to select benefit options.


·      Summary Plan Description

Summary of the Adventist Retirement Plan (ARP), a defined contribution plan.


·      Thinking of Retiring?

A pre-retirement syllabus for Adventist employees.