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It’s natural for parents to be stressed, excited, even confused about their child entering college. College is one of those big decisions that will affect the rest of your child’s life. The investment that your family is about to make will reap dividends in your child’s future. You’ll see the results of that investment in what they choose to do for a living, the importance and role that personal faith and belief will play in their lives, even who they may end up marrying. In addition, the friends that you your child chooses for the rest of their lives may be found at the college she or he attends.

Here are some of the things you as parents can do to help make your child's University experience a success:

  • Understand that the relationship you have with your son or daughter is entering a new chapter. In order for this to happen successfully, you need to be willing to
    • Trust your child
    • Let go and allow them to make mistakes
    • Let them know you believe in them.
  • Be aware that it the University's job to help your student develop into a responsible adult. That means, as part of their learning, we expect students to be responsible for their behavior, respect rules and policies, demonstrate honesty and integrity, develop healthy habits, and seek help when they need it.
  • Although you'll talk to your child less often, it's important to keep those communication lines open. Cell phones, e-mail, home visits, U.S. Postal Service and visits to our campus are positive ways to keep in touch.
  • An important part of preparation for college is discussing finances with your student to clarify who pays for what. Encouraging fiscal responsibility, including weekly budgeting, use of credit and debit cards, and the use of checking accounts will help avoid headaches later on.

We realize that this is a big decision, and is a major investment of time and money. We want to help you make that decision any way we can. Below you will find some resources that will help you—and your child—understand what your choices and options are.