A Framework for Living

Students at Southwestern are given a framework for living, which they will learn to build upon and design to fit their future during their time at Southwestern.

Prospective Students

First-Time Freshmen

Students attending a college or university for the first time are classified as first-time, first-year freshmen.  This includes students who have earned college credits before high school graduation and it includes students who attended college classes for the first time in the summer prior to fall enrollment.

The following are the admission procedures for first-time freshmen:

  • Complete and submit an application to the Admissions Office.

  • Submit an official high school transcript, showing graduation date, to Southwestern’s Admissions Office. If the applicant has enrolled at any college, or university, an official transcript of that academic record must also be submitted. Any applicant who has not graduated from high school must submit an official GED or state issued equivalency diploma and an official transcript from the last high school attended. Home school students must submit official transcripts from any schools attended and/or home school transcript listing courses, grades, and dates of completion.  If the state in which the applicant resides issues a secondary school completion certificate to homeschoolers, it must be submitted.

  • Submit an ACT or SAT score report.

    • Applicants who have passed a college level English composition course and a college level mathematics course do not have to submit ACT or SAT scores.

    • Applicants with a combined SAT Critical Reading and Mathematics score 820 or higher or with an ACT composite score 17 or higher may enroll in any undergraduate program.

    • Applicants with a combined SAT Critical Reading and Mathematics score between 740-810, or an ACT of 15 or 16, and whose high school GPA is at least 2.00, will be enrolled in the A.S. General Studies Program (p. 29, Bulletin, Special Program Policies)

    • Applicants with a combined SAT Critical Reading and Mathematics score less than 740 or ACT composite score less than 15 will not be accepted.

    • Applicants who have not taken either the SAT or the ACT or who wish to repeat the SAT may do so at Southwestern Adventist University's Counseling and Testing Center.  Please be advised that SAT results from an on-campus test cannot be transferred to other institutions.

Early acceptance is granted if acceptable test scores are submitted before a student graduates from high school, but enrollment is conditional upon graduation and receipt of an official final transcript. The Admissions Office will notify applicants by letter regarding acceptance status after application and test scores have been received.  An applicant will be accepted in good standing as a regular student in a degree program when all requirements have been met.  Acceptance allows the financial aid and pre-registration process to begin.

Online Application Form (for American students)

CORE (Freshman Orientation)