Financial FAQs Answered

Your Financial FAQs Answered - F-1 Students

1.      How do I apply for a scholarship?

 Students who take 12 or more ESL credit hours in a semester will automatically receive a tuition discount. No other Southwestern scholarships are available during that semester. If you choose to continue your studies after completing ESL, then eligibility will be evaluated.  Scholarships are based on merit and are given on the basis of the educational scores received on your official transcript or official national exam scores.

2.      Will I be able to work?

The US Government allows F-1 visa students to work on campus for 20 hours a week and full time during vacations and summers. Working off campus is NOT an option.

3.      How does the deposit and the pre-payment work?

The deposit is $1000. This is divided into the following segments:
·         SEVIS fee of $200 is paid to the US Government on your behalf to acquire the I-901 fee receipt. This is required to ask for a visa and enter the US.
·         An International student deposit of $800 is held until you leave our university at which time it will be returned if your account is paid in full.

Refundable: The deposit will be refunded, minus the I-901 fee of $200 paid to the US Government.
The pre-payment is used at the beginning of the first semester to pay the required 60% of expenses to allow you to register. A Dormitory deposit of $100 will be taken out of the prepayment. The deposit will be held until the student graduates, moves out of the residence hall, or withdraws from the university. The deposit is refundable on condition that the checkout procedure of the residence hall is followed.

4.      Tell me about the 60% at the beginning of the semester.

 At the beginning of each semester all students are required to pay 60% of that semester’s expenses in order for registration to be allowed. Students must pay the remainder of the semester’s expenses before the next semester begins. Several payment options are available. Generally, students choose an option to pay equal payments during the semester on the 10th of each month until the balance is paid off. See Finances in the Bulletin on our website:

5.      How do I send money to Southwestern?

When you send your deposit and prepayment you must include the student’s name and SWAU ID#. You may pay your deposit and pre-payment by credit card (Master Card or Visa), check, money order, or bank wire. For credit card payments we will need the name of the card holder, the type of card, the card number, and the expiration date. For more information please contact the International Student Advisor.

6.      How is the pay from my working on campus dispersed?

Customarily, students are paid on the 1st day of the month. You will receive all of your pay by check on student paydays when your bill for the semester is paid in full. However, if you  have chosen a payment plan and are current with payments, up to 50% of the paycheck can be taken.    If you are not current with monthly payments, 80% of your pay will go towards your bill leaving you with the remaining 20% to use as you please.