In the History and Social Science Department at Southwestern Adventist University, we encourage you to not only learn about history, but to interpret it and use it to help understand historical trends and give context to current events. Engaging professors will help you develop the critical-thinking skill you will need for jobs in any history or social science field.


History and Social Science can be used in a variety of industries, such as: Politics, History, Social Science, Communication, and English.


Courses will help you develop a broad understanding of the world’s history, culture, and governments. Through the study of history, politics, and societies, students can gain a better understand of both current events and their historical foundations.

Your Future


With a degree from the Department of History and Social Sciences, you will join famous figures such as Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, journalist Wolf Blitzer, Karl Marx, social scientist Auguste Comte, and seven different U.S. Presidents and world leaders like Winston Churchill who studied history or social science. You will be prepared for a rewarding career in a variety of fields.


  • Historian
  • Digital Archivist
  • History Professor
  • Librarian
  • Museum Curator
  • Data Analyst
  • Museum Technician
  • Economist
  • Political Scientist
  • Sociologist
  • Research Scientist

Expected employment growth of archivists, curators, and museum workers between 2018-2028

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B.A. History

Do you enjoy discovering how history has shaped the world we know today? A B.A. in History will give you a broad overview of the world’s most historic moments and may be the perfect degree for you!

B.S. Criminal Justice

Have you ever had dreams of becoming a government agent or a police officer? A B.S. in Criminal Justice will help your dreams come true!

B.A. History, International Relations, and Public Policy

Interested in history as well as current events? A B.A. in History, International Relations, and Public Policy prepares students for a career in politics, government, history, or education.

B.A. History, Secondary Teaching Certification

Do you have a passion for history and teaching? Then a B.A. in History, Secondary Teaching Certification is perfect for you!

B.A. Social Studies, Secondary Teaching Certification

Do you have a passion for social studies and teaching? A B.A. in Social Studies, Secondary Teaching Certification focuses on educating students how government and past events have shaped society and today’s culture so, as graduates, they can pass this information along to the next generation.

B.S. Social Science

Do you have an interest in studying economics, political science, and history? Then a B.S. in Social Science may be the perfect degree for you.

History & Social Science Minors

Do you have an interest in history and social science although it won’t be your major? Check out the variety of minors offered by the Department of History and Social Science.

Faculty Profiles

Steve Jones, PhD

History & Social Science
Professor and Department Chair

Elizabeth Bowser, MA

History & Social Science
Assistant Professor