History & Social Science Minors

Minors can augment a student’s major with eighteen hours of course work in complementary fields or can provide students with other interesting avenues of study.



A minor in history provides a solid foundation that may help open the doors to careers in teaching, journalism, libraries, public service, public policy, politics and private business.


Criminal Justice
A minor in criminal justice may lead to a career as a corrections officer, probation officer, forensics analyst, private security or as a paralegal.


History, Secondary Teaching Certification
A minor in history with a secondary teaching certification can complement any other specialization in education. High schools, whether public or private, are always looking for teachers who can effectively handle a variety of subjects.


Social Science

A minor in social science is a good complement for any other degree. It indicates an ability to think critically, and it introduces students to the fields of history, political science and economics.


Political Science
A minor in political science is a great choice for anyone thinking about a career in politics or law. It is best paired with a history, social science, or English degree.


A minor from the Department of History and Social Science can help you in the industries of history, social science, criminal justice, communication, publication, or law.


  • Editor
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Interpreter / Translator
  • Lawyer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Writer

Median annual wage for lawyers in May 2019

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Minor in History
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 111United States History to 18653
HIST 112United States History from 18653
 HIST 225 or HIST 2263
 HIST Minor Upper Division Electives9
 Total Credits:18
Minor in History - Secondary Teaching Area
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 111United States History to 18653
HIST 112United States History from 18653
HIST 225World Civilizations I3
HIST 226World Civilizations II3
                     History Secondary Teaching Minor Electives12
 Total Credits:24
Minor in Political Science
Item #TitleCredits
POLS 211National and Texas Constitutions3
 Political Science Elective For Minor15
 Total Credits:18
Minor in Social Science
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 112United States History from 18653
HIST 226World Civilizations II3
HIST 242Historical and Political Geography3
 Political Science Elective For SS Minor6
 Economics Electives6
 History Electives for SS Minor3
 Total Credits:24
Minor in Criminal Justice
All criminal justice minors are required to take 18 semester hours of criminal justice (9 hours u.d.) which must include CRIJ 325.
        Total Credits:    24

Faculty Profiles

Steve Jones, PhD

Department of History & Social Science
Professor and Department Chair

Elizabeth Bowser, MA

Department of History & Social Science
Assistant Professor