The B.A. in Social Studies, Secondary Teaching Area aims to prepare students to find a rewarding career in educating the next generation about how government and past events have shaped society to how they know it as today.

While history takes a look at past events, social studies touch on historical events that have specifically shaped and developed society.


Career Field

In the education field, graduates can find enrichment through teaching the next generation. Understanding society as a whole may be confusing, but graduates have the unique opportunity to help the next generation find their feet in society with a solid understanding of its role and function.


Social studies teachers, graduates will help students learn to put current events into context and understand the world around them. This ensures that students will be able to think critically about their world, how government functions, and research the facts to support their ideas.


  • Social Studies Teacher
  • High School Teacher

Expected employment growth of social studies teachers each year

Faculty Profiles

Steve Jones, PhD

History & Social Science
Professor and Department Chair

Elizabeth Bowser, MA

History & Social Science
Assistant Professor