About SWAU Online 

SWAU Online provides a Christ-centered, flexible, online education at an affordable price.  



At SWAU Online, we want you have the same Christ-centered experience as our on-campus students. Through your academic experiences, you will be surrounded by faculty, staff, and mentors who are passionate about the ministry of Christian education. Our Spiritual Development team serves you just like they serve the students on campus.  

As a SWAU Online student, you have access to chaplain support, online worship experiences, and a variety of spiritual growth and service project opportunities. Ask your enrollment counselor how you can take advantage of these opportunities.  



At SWAU Online, we believe that your education should be as affordable as possible. That is why we believe in transparent pricing where you simply pay per credit without any hidden administrative fees.  

Our savings in providing online courses are passed along to you, making SWAU Online one of the most affordable online college experiences in the DFW Metroplex. SWAU Online students pay 50% less than off-campus students that are taking on-campus courses, and they pay 80% less for their online courses than campus students do. If finances are a hindrance, you can apply for one of our scholarships. Your enrollment counselor can talk with you about making your SWAU experience affordable. You can also click here to learn more about admissions and tuition.  



SWAU Online provides flexible education options so you can take classes and complete assignments when it is most convenient for you, whether that is in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Our courses are as short as just 8 weeks long, which makes it easy to fit in courses during times that work best for you.  

As a smaller institution, SWAU provides a level of individualized support from our faculty and staff that would not be possible at a larger institution.    


Click here to learn more about the academic and extracurricular experiences which you can take advantage of.  



A Place For You

Are you a recent high school graduate seeking a college education from the comfort of your home? Perhaps you want to save money and avoid the expenses of dorm life. Perhaps you need to stay in town to support your family responsibilities. SWAU Online provides you with the opportunity to take the classroom with you and experience the university experience virtually alongside hundreds of students like you.

Are you a young parent? Perhaps you meant to start college after high school but life took other turns. With a family to take care of in addition to your own job, it can seem impossible to continue an education. You may simply not have time to take traditional college classes, but you need that degree to pursue your dream career. SWAU Online lets you take the classroom with you and learn at your own pace, whether that be during your lunch break or after tucking your kids into bed.

Are you a professional looking for a career change? Perhaps you went to college to for a degree which you are no longer interested in. You don't want to return to the college classroom, but you want to gain the knowledge and skills needed for a career change. SWAU Online lets you take the classroom, so you can learn from the convenience of your home as you prepare for your new journey.