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Are you looking for a degree that is exceptionally adept at preparing you to think critically and broadly about how and why the world is the way it is today? Individuals with degrees in history have had lots of training in how to think clearly and then to clarify those thoughts in writing. These skills are useful in a wide variety of professions.

A degree in History prepares you for careers as a:

•    High school history teacher
•    Community college history lecturer
•    College or university history professor
•    Government historian
•    Historical consultant
•    Political advisor
•    Museum curator
•    Archivist
•    Lawyer
•    Researcher
•    Private-sector researcher
•    Analyst
•    Diplomat
•    Journalist
•    Writer


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Post Graduate U.S. History Certificate
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 500  History Methods and Historiography3
HIST 501Colonial America—1607 to 17833
HIST 502The Early American Republic—1783 to 18373
HIST 503Civil War and Reconstruction—1837 to 19193
HIST 504Modern America—1919 to the Present3
HIST 505Teaching College History3
 Sub-Total Credits18


Our Post Graduate U.S. History Certificate prepares individuals with a masters degree with the necessary qualifications to teach college level history courses.