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For Graduation Candidates

Graduation Ceremonies - General Information

The graduation ceremonies at Southwestern Adventist University are both formal academic ceremonies and religious services. We want to honor the graduates on this joyous occasion, but even more, we want to honor God. We require that all participants in the services behave with appropriate dignity. This year’s ceremonies will take place on May 1, 2022. See schedule

Common Courtesy

Confetti, air horns, and silly string must not be used in the Cleburne ISD Jeff D. Cody Auditorium or the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Guests are not to bring placards or signs to the ceremonies.

Under no circumstances are guests to stand on seats, thus blocking views of the ceremony.

Fire regulations forbid anyone to congregate or sit on the stairs or in the aisles.

Only the official photographer and other photographers employed by the University may take photographs in the roped-off area at the front of the auditorium.

Video tripods cannot block aisles.

Dress and Decorum

Graduation is an event that celebrates students’ academic achievements.  All University policies regarding dress are in effect for these weekend services. Southwestern requires that graduates not wear jewelry or carry anything other than a diploma case while participating in these programs. Graduates are expected to wear shoes. (No one will be allowed to march in flip-flops or barefoot.) No messages or pictures may be attached to graduation regalia, though flowers are acceptable. We also expect graduates to refrain from disrupting the processional or the distribution of diplomas with personal demonstrations.  Appropriate graduation regalia at Southwestern Adventist University includes symbols of academic achievement such as academic honor cords, national honor society cords or medallions, etc.  Ethnic stoles may be worn with prior approval from the Office of Academic Administration.  Items such as club/association symbols, leis of any kind, and departmental medallions not associated with academic achievement will not be allowed.  Students may wear small departmental pins, such as those traditionally given to Nursing graduates.


Provided there is no balance on the student account and the graduate has completed the exit counseling, diplomas will be mailed four to six weeks after graduation. Graduates should update their address at the Records office prior to graduation.


To ensure that all students have a good photograph of the moment when they receive their diploma, the University has arranged for a professional photographer to take pictures. A few days after graduation, one free 5x7 watermarked print will be sent to each graduate. Additional photos may be ordered at that time.

Special Needs

Guests with special needs may telephone the Student Services office at (817) 202-6219 or email them at  . An accessible section with a good view is reserved for guests in wheelchairs along with one attendant.


Order regalia at If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Karmy ( or go by her office in the Findley Administration building. Only students who have an approved Graduation Contract and whose name appears on the Graduation List will be able to order regalia.


The Commencement Service is a ticketed event, meaning that entrance to the program is by ticket only.  (Seats cannot be saved for guests arriving later.) Guests arriving after 10:00 a.m. will be admitted only at designated breaks in the program. 


For Juniors (Steps to Graduation)

Juniors need to start preparing for graduation three semesters before they are ready to march. For most, this will mean the spring semester of junior year.

  • Fill out a contract for graduation with an academic advisor.
  • After obtaining an advisor’s signature, the student may bring their contract to Michelle Karmy in the Records Office.
  • Look for an email from Mrs. Karmy with approval or further instructions.