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Dear Alums!

I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. I want to thank and welcome you to the alumni webpage and look forward to connecting!

One of the great things about Southwestern Adventist University is that, while you may have left Keene, Texas and are engaged in your career or your continuing education project(s) or any other other journey God may be taking you in, Southwestern Adventist University never leaves you, you are, and always will be, a Knight. You are an ambassador for SWAU wherever you go! 

As you reflect on your journey here at Southwestern Adventist University,  we pray that you found the Knowledge you came In search of and that knowledge is opening doors of opportunity for you. We pray that as you look back at your years here at Southwestern Adventist University, you'll be reminded of how your faith and trust in the God who is working His plan for your life became a reality, and we hope that knowledge and faith has led you to opportunities to serve. Like the stories below that feature alums who are making an impact in their community or like the opportunity on the right >>> the opportunity to pay it forward to current students who are a few steps behind you and would also like the opportunity to grow in Knowledge, Faith and Service in a Chirst-centered environment. I would like to encourage you to lend your shoulder and help us grow the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship which will benefit SWAU students directly. Would you join your fellow alums and make this opportunity a reality for someone today! Students will be blessed through your generosity!


Tony Reyes

Three women, all dressed in dresses or suits, smile together at an award ceremony

Award Winning Alumni

Every day, Southwestern Adventist University alumni are impacting communities around the world. Below are stories of two women, Emily Laughlin (class of 2014) and Destiny Silva (Cooper) (class of 2010), who chose very different careers, but over this past summer, displayed their common roots when they won awards for going beyond the call of duty in their workplaces and communities.

Tony Seery poses leaning against a car in jeans and a polo

A Young Alums’ Success Story

The average financial advisor is 56 years old. Tony Seery, Southwestern Adventist University grad and a financial advisor with his own Edward Jones Investment office, is in his 20s. 

“There were over 14,000 applicants to the special training program I applied to my senior year at SWAU,” Seery recalls. “Only 200 got in.”

Seery was one of the 200. His experience as a student at SWAU not only prepared him for success, but also solidified his faith in God. Now, Seery uses his time and money to give back to the University, and to help other students follow in his footsteps.

As a third-generation SWAU alumnus, Seery graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a concentration in finance. Though he started at community college and was offered a full ride at Texas Christian University, he chose to complete his degree at SWAU.

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