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Fighting Food and Housing Insecurity Fund

Southwestern Adventist University has set up a relief fund to benefit students, in times of crisis. This relief fund is our effort to ease our students' financial burdens. encourage them to stay active and healthy and to refocus their attention to their academic endeavors. It is also hoped to ensure a greater availability for more effective learning for both students who are on campus and students who are off-campus. Our current goal is to be able to assist students who lack financial means to meet unexpected expenses due to the COVID-19 

1. How is the fund distributed to SWAU students?

Students will be required to complete an application process to verify a need for financial assistance. The applications will be reviewed weekly.
2. How much fund can a student expect to receive? 

Up to $500 will be considered

  3. I am a student, how do I apply for SWAU FFHI-Fund?
Must be a currently enrolled SWAU student to be eligible for FFHI-Fund, to complete the application process click below.

Support Health and Wellness Fund

We are promoting health and wellness as a process of enabling students to stay active and improve their overall health. Our recreational facilities are currently closed until further notice, there is a need to increase activities inside each of the Residence Hall, we are in need to replace our treadmills, elliptical and other fitness equipment. Please support our health and wellness fund.



Support SWAU Students' Needs

The business closings and reduced hours, low-wage income, with no sick leave or missed work days, the loss of income, mean unfortunately financial disaster for some of our families. Many of our students have food and housing insecurity. Our student needs from food and medical bills, distance learning needs to housing assistance. We are the first place, they come to ask for help. Please support SWAU Students’ Needs.


Support Our Student Food Pantry

Mrs. Judy Miles started our food pantry in March, 2018. We receive our current donations from local churches, staff and faculties who are committed to generously give, to keep our pantry shelves stocked. Every Wednesday for the past 2 years our food pantry has eased the burdens of food insecurity for our off-campus students and dorm students who have limited meal plans. This past semester we have served more than 80 students. Please support our food pantry.