Class of '93 Senior Scholarship

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Class of 1993

The senior class of 1993 came from all walks of life, but as a group, were committed to a common goal- making a difference at Southwestern even after they graduated. Together they established the Class of 1993 Senior Scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist senior undergraduate students in completing their education at Southwestern Adventist University.

The Class of 1993 Senior Scholarship is awarded each year to a senior with demonstrated financial need.

Logo that says "Class of '93" with a small graduation cap hanging over the three

Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Jessica Darden

2019-2020 -Musa Nkosi

2018-2019 -Sabra LeBlanc

2016-2017 - Nhum Jackson, Nahum Mendez

2015-2016 - Scott Wallace 

2014-2015 - Christian Santizo 

2013-2014 -  Benjamin Ortega 

2012-2013 -  Omelicth Huizzi 

2011-2012 - Cecilia Vigil 

2010-2011 - Graciela Prieto 

2009-2010 - Roland Brutus 

2008-2009 - Rory Hamer