T.A. Jack Casey Scholarship

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T.A. "Jack" Casey Scholarship

Jack Casey was born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1913. He is the son of Mr. Thomas Arthur Casey and Mrs. Belle Huguley Casey. He attended his earliest year of church school in Keene, boarding with his grandparents. When he was in the second or third grade, his family moved to Washington D.C., where his pharmacist father went into a cookie business. When the Depression hit in the early 1930s, the cookie business faltered and the family moved back to Fort Worth where Jack’s father went into the butcher saw business, selling and servicing saws to butcher shops throughout Texas and adjacent states. Jack spent long hours on the road working for his Dad, delivering the saws.

In 1942, Jack entered the military and was stationed in northern Texas at a military hospital where he learned to be a lab and x-ray technician. He met Beulah Parks, serving as a WAC, during his service time. They married after completing their time in the military and moved to Santa Ana, California, where Jack became certified as an x-ray technician. He worked in those areas for physicians until he retired in 1980, but then continued to work part-time for several additional years as a repairman of medical equipment. His wife Beulah passed away in 2003, and Jack ultimately moved to Salt Lake City to be near his only close living relatives. He passed away in October 2014, at the age of 101.

Although he was never a student at the academy or college in Keene, Jack always had fond memories of living in the area, as his grandparents on both sides of the family were early residents of Keene and his mother lived there for many years. For that reason, he wished to establish a scholarship fund to assist students at Southwestern Adventist University.

Student Recipients

2020-2021 - Sarah Pitcher, Catalina Rivas, Esperanza Blanco

2019-2020 - Hannah Massey, Witness Lima, Leslie Sanchez-Alanis

2018-2019 Lilly Ramirez, Jazmine Dominguez-Martinez

2017-2018- Julena Allen, Victory Rigdon

2016-2017 - Victory Rigdon,  Alondra Zavala, Leslie Nevarez, Julena Allen

2015-2016 - Adelaide Naa Amasa