George E. Leffler Theology Scholarship

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George E. Leffler, Jr.

George E. Leffler, Jr. grew up as a preacher's kid in the Midwest. When his father died in 1940, his mother moved George and his younger brother, Jiggs to Keene. They joined their sister Ruth, who had completed her course work at Southwestern Junior College and was working for the school's business manager. All five of the Leffler children attended the college.

With a widowed mother, and a brother and sister still in academy and college, George had to work his way through school. He and Jiggs delivered newspapers, worked in the broom shops in town, and worked in the mill, making furniture.

Early on, George emerged as a star student, majoring in theology and business. He was business manager of the Mizpah from 1942 to 1944, valedictorian of the academy class of 1943, president of the college freshman class in 194344, editor of the 1944-45 Southwesterner, a speaker for area churches with the ministerial seminar, and a Sabbath School superintendent for the Keene Church.

Voted "Most Likely to Succeed," George graduated from junior college in 1945. He moved to El Campo, Texas, for the summer to help in an evangelistic campaign. While living in a small tent and guarding the "big tent," George contracted polio.

At first, the doctors in Houston treated him for malaria, trying to bring down his week-long 106-degree temperature. After many weeks in the hospital, George emerged with significant handicaps.

This scholarship has been established by George's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. (Jiggs) Leffler, Sr., of Phoenix, Arizona. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement and financial need.


Students Recipients 

2019-2020 -Ruber Alvarez Matos

2018-2019 -Hasel Marroquin

2016-2017 -Michael Cerda

2015-2016 - Michael Cerda, Jorge Morales Cardona

2013-2014 - Edward Michaels

2011-2012 - Diana Cabra

2010-2011 - Justin Tonga