George Mathews Scholarship

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George Mathews

Not long after the turn of the century -- in 1917 -- a typical farm boy from Enid, Oklahoma, came to Keene to get an education. And that, he said, made all the difference in his life. "I came to Keene as a farm kid, without any vision or idea for my future. But I found something bright and beautiful at Keene." George Mathews said the Lord gave him a vision for his future through his teachers and classes, and particularly during weeks of prayer.

After graduating from Southwestern Junior College in 1924, George Mathews went to Ketchum, Oklahoma, to teach. One summer he worked at the Book and Bible House during camp meeting. There he met a young lady -- a fellow worker. During meetings the store would close, so both would go to the big tent and listen to the meeting. During those meetings they also developed an interest in each other. In May of 1925, George and Guida Jo were married.

George continued his education at Union College, and then received his master's degree in school administration from the University of Denver. He taught at Campion Academy and served as superintendent of education in the Carolina and Michigan conferences and the Lake and Columbia unions. He also spent three years at Emmanuel Missionary College (Andrews University) as chairman of the department of education. From there George served 20 years in the General Conference as associate secretary in the department of education. He retired in 1966 and spent the last 20 years of his life in Yountsville, California. He died in 1987.

Elder Mathews worked his way through school, which wasn't easy. "I had no one to turn to when I was a kid, so I'm glad I can help someone who needs it," he said.

Elder Mathews said the scholarship is for someone who needs it, and will profit by it, but it is most important that the work of God will profit by this scholarship through the student.


Student Recipients 

2020-2021-Noeicy Arrebato, Katerin Rodriguez, Aletia Thornton, Jennifer Landis

2019-2020 -Abbigail Banks, Linda Prater, Stephnie Weidman, Lizet Chavez

2018-2019 -Savannah Morales, Leanne Gomez, Zoya Walker, Stephanie Widman

2017-2018 -Richard Stowell, Ivy Causey

2016-2017 -Hanna Kim

2015-2016 - Kara Banks , Dorriane Chou , Arsibe Jacquez 

2014-2015 - Kara Banks , Perla Castilla 

2013-2014 - Kara Banks , Perla Castilla , Ella Nguyen 

2012-2013 - Stephanie Starli , Swan Tigra , Kenesma Vanterpool

2011-2012 - Aaron Brower , Caroline Shockey , Micah Smith 

2010-2011 - Jessica Ables , Mary Bustillos , Anthony Vargas 

2009-2010 - Ana Chong , Kirsten Machado , Alyson O'Connor

2008-2009 - Melanie Beavers , Roxana Gavidia , Victoria Herrera

2007-2008 - Abigail Nugent , Valerie Ray 

2006-2007 - Matthew Hargett , Whitney Mack , Sandra Unsworth 

2005-2006 - Charlene Cabrales , Rayna Davis , Lawrence Lambott