Daniel & Ruth McAdams Scholarship

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Daniel & Ruth McAdams

Born in Lufkin, Texas, Dan McAdams played football for Groveton High School on a team that went to the state championships. His athletic ability and his position as class valedictorian prompted 13 colleges and universities in Texas to offer him scholarships; he was also offered an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.

Instead, he chose Southwestern Junior College. His mother had recently joined the Adventist Church, and Dan decided he would be more successful in life with God on his side. A gifted student in math and science, he became a lab instructor. "From the first week, the dedicated Christian teachers took a deep interest in my academic progress and spiritual growth. Morning and evening worship, Friday evening vespers, special early morning prayer bands, and the love of my new friends helped me make my decision to follow the Master . . . I knew that God had a plan for my life, and I wanted, under His direction, to fit my life into His plan." He was baptized in 1930.

Dan was an ace salesman, working his way through college as a colporteur. He continued his education at Union College and through the intervention of a matchmaker women's dean, he met and married Ruth Gardner. She, too, had been a high school honor student, majoring in English and education. Finishing college in 1932, Dan served as publishing director of the Arkansas-Louisiana and Georgia-Cumberland conferences, and of the Antillian Union Mission and the Inter-American Division, both then located in Havana, Cuba. For 29 years he was associate director and later director of the GC publishing department. He was a trustee of the E. G. White Publications for nine years.

After Dan retired, he and Ruth spent 10 years as field representatives for Southwestern's Committee of 100, raising over half a million dollars and making innumerable friends for the college. Dan McAdams died in 1986. Ruth remained active until her death in 1996. She established this scholarship for students planning careers in denominational work.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Franklin Allen, Gardy Bontemps

2019-2020 -Daniel Verdugo Dominguez, Griselda Jobe

2018-2019 -Raynaldo Arias-Gomez, Joshua Aguilar

2017-2018 -Hazel Marroquin

2016-2017 - Kavin Draper, Stephen Gamallo

2015-2016 - Michael Cerda, William Soto

2014-2015 - Michael Cerda, Eber Ortiz, Daniel Perez, Evelyn Rubio

2013-2014 - Daniel Perez

2012-2013 - Garcia Montalvo, Kiehl Morgan, Nychelle Morgan

2011-2012 - Tomas Bueno, Kiehl Morgan, Shelot Pierre, Michel Rodriguez

2010-2011 - Fausto Castillo, Benjamin Garcia, Dustin Serns