Raymon & Zora Jean McMullen Scholarship

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Raymon & Zora Jean McMullen

Zora Jean Spear was born in Shreveport, Louisiana December 7, 1918 to Seventh-day Adventist teachers. She graduated from Southwestern Junior College at the head of her class in 1938. After graduation she worked at the local Adventist Conference office where she met Raymon.

Raymon Wesley McMullen was born in Boise, Idaho on May 1, 1920 to second generation Seventh-day Adventists. His grandfather, Elder T. W. Field, was the pastor for the Keene SDA church. Raymon's father resigned as a bookkeeper/ treasurer for the church and took a job in the grounds department at Southwestern Junior College so his sons could attend Adventist schools. Later Raymon attended La Sierra College for one year before he was accepted by the Loma Linda School of Medicine, graduating from Loma Linda in the class of 1944. He celebrated his acceptance by marrying Zora Jean. They have three sons, Ronald, Dennis, and Arthur.

Raymon was a family doctor and surgeon. He and Zora spent time as missionaries to China where they were trapped behind Communist lines. They escaped after a harrowing 40-day refugee trip. They later moved to Ngoma Mission Hospital, Rwanda, shortly before the tribal war between the Hutus and the Tutsis started. Raymon left Ngoma due to illness (treated with B2 gastric surgery). In later life they were active in prison ministry. Raymon died on April 7, 2005 and is buried in his beloved Texas at Pioneer Memorial Cemetery. Zora died on December 29, 2011 and lies next to him. This scholarship was established for a student with academic achievement and financial need.

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Student Recipients 

2020-2021-Hiram Hernandez Garcia, Brendon Kilanda

2019-2020 -Stephanie Molina, Bleidy Pruneda

2018-2019 -Viviana Martinez, Precious Williams 

2017-2018 -Jade Magluyan Alexander Castillo

2016-2017 - Islen Garcia Cardoso

2015-2016 - Kareem Shareef

2014- 2015 - Xenia Munoz 

2013-2014 - Amanda Patterson

2012-2013 - Marianne Lawrence