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Ernest & Vera Wolfe

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Ernest and Vera Wolfe are proud of their heritage. Both families have roots deep in state history. Ernest's grandfather, a German immigrant, moved to Oklahoma to pioneer just two years after the great land rush of 1889. Ernest was born in Payne County. As a boy, he helped drive cattle to the Jones-Choctaw area, 25 miles east of Oklahoma City. After the death of his father in 1933, Ernest took over the family farm to support his mother and five younger sisters.

Vera's grandfather worked with the U.S. government to settle Oklahoma. He was the first mayor of Oklahoma City. Her grandmother, a charter member of the Oklahoma City Central Church, was one of the first Adventists in the state. Vera was born and raised on her family's farm, adjacent to the Wolfes' farm. The two families became good friends. Being neighbors proved to be an ideal arrangement. Ernest and Vera were married on August 7, 1933, at camp meeting in Guthrie. Ernest was baptized the same day.

Hard work and service best describe the lives of Ernest and Vera Wolfe. In 1937, Ernest established a dairy on his farm, then joined with local dairymen to form the Central Oklahoma Milk Producers Association. He served as its president for 14 years. Ernest and Vera helped organize and build the Choctaw Adventist Church, where he served as head elder and acting pastor.

Ernest was a member of a number of boards and committees, including the Southwestern board of trustees and the Oklahoma Conference Committee, until his death in 1999. Vera was community services director of the Oklahoma Conference and participated in many Red Cross and Civil Defense activities. The Wolfes raised wheat, alfalfa and cattle on their thousand-acre farm.

The Ernest and Vera Wolfe Scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement.

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Student Recipients 

2020-2021-Veronica Jones

2018-2019 -Aribelle Metzger

2016-2017 - Adriana Carbajal

2015-2016 - Kilory Weis

2014-2015 - Lashauna Green 

2013-2014 - Maria Lebedieva

2012-2013 - Eric Amoabeng 

2011-2012 - Eric Amoabeng, Chelsey Evans

2010-2011 - Yuri Yoo