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Feature Alum

Congratulations to Mandy (Foust) Smith, Class of 2004, on her new position as Southwestern's Food Service Director and Chef! With one semester under her belt, one of the first things Mandy is tackling is assessing the nutritional value of the menu, putting an emphasis on fresh and local produce. Accessibility is key in helping students make the right choices. While the cafeteria has been known for years for its wonderful salad bar, the salad bar is now front and center of the food service area, encouraging partakers to pile on the salad first. The Rusty Bucket snack counter is increasingly providing healthy, fresh options to supplement the daily buffet hours. All of the juices provided are corn syrup free and the menu is now close to GMO free, with the goal to be 100% free as soon as possible.

Chef Mandy is also looking for new local farms and businesses to partner with.

“I’m excited about the possibilities of sourcing our food locally,” says Mandy. “Fresh food is better for everyone and supporting our local businesses is important. 100% of our honey and pecans are locally sourced and some of our eggs are local, though I’m still looking for more sources. So if you know of some, let us know!”

You can contact Mandy at or 817-202-6296. You can also visit the web page here, or find the menu and follow along with the cafeteria adventures here!

In Remembrance

Remembering our alumni we've recently lost.


Jerry Blake, Class of 1961

Elizabeth Dyche Brown, Class of 2009

Pastor Don Houghton, Class of 1952

Wesley Jacobs, Class of 1958

Dr. Julius Korgan, Class of 1976

Gabriel Montalvo, Class of 1984

Del LaVerne Watson Saldecke, Class of 1938

Dolly Spells, Class of 1948

Verna Wood, Class of 1978

alumni college university christian news