B.A. Biology

A B.A. Biology from the Department of Biological Sciences is designed for students who are interested in biology but want to pursue other interests at the same time. Unlike a B.S. Biology, the Bachelor of Arts program gives students more flexibility in choosing their classes and includes a minor and foreign language.


Career Field
For graduates with a B.A. Biology degree, career opportunities are extensive. For those looking to jump into the work field, graduates can find jobs as technical assistants for biotech, industry or government positions. Alternatively, graduates with a teaching certificate can find a job as a high school biology teacher.


Job Outlook
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for environmental scientists and specialists will increase by 8% between 2019-2029. That’s an additional 7,100 jobs.


An alternative career option for biology graduates is to pursue further education through graduate school. A B.A. Biology is an excellent entry point for many non-thesis, science-related master's degrees that prepare students to work in industry or government. Students who have chosen this path can become specialists in areas such as product sales or testing, resource management or resource policy.


Resource Manager
Product Development Specialist
Technical Assistant
Health Communications Specialist
High School Biology Teacher
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Financial Analyst

Median annual pay for
wholesale and manufacturing
sales representatives in 2019

Faculty Profiles

Arthur Schwarz, PhD

Department of Biological Sciences
Professor and Department Chair

Arthur Chadwick, PhD

Department of Biological Sciences
Paleontology Specialist

Amy McHenry, PhD

Department of Biological Sciences
Adjunct Faculty

Jared Wood, PhD

Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor