For those looking to pursue a career in teaching, the Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Southwestern Adventist University offers a B.S. in Mathematics with a Secondary Teaching Certification. With this degree, you will learn techniques needed to teach mathematics at the high school level.


With this degree, students will learn teaching techniques, gain valuable classroom experience and take a variety of classes that will prepare them to work with and inspire the next generations. If becoming a mathematics teacher isn’t what you’re looking for but you are still passionate about teaching, Southwestern Adventist University offers Secondary Teaching Certifications in a variety of areas.


According to the BLS, a 4% employment growth of secondary school teachers is expected between 2018 and 2028. The United States Department of Labor also reports that math is one of the subjects lacking qualified teachers in many rural and urban schools, making job prospects for secondary math teachers highly favorable.


Career Field
As a mathematics teacher, you will be working as part of an academic team to teach the complex fundamentals of mathematics that students need to excel and succeed in their future career field. A typical workday would include “school hours but may also include evenings and weekends to prepare lessons and grade papers.” (BLS) The great thing is that, depending on your school, most teachers get summer breaks!


A B.S. in Mathematics with a Secondary Teaching Certification gives you a mathematic foundation and equips you to educate and mentor the next generation. This degree will prepare you to enter the education industry with confidence as a secondary math teacher.


  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Secondary Mathematics Teacher
  • High School Teacher

Expected employment growth of high school teachers between 2018-2028

Required Courses  
Item #TitleCredits
MATH 141Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
MATH 181Calculus 14
MATH 182Calculus 24
MATH 283Calculus 34
MATH 311Logic and Set Theory3
MATH 341Geometry3
MATH 361Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MATH 371History of Mathematics3
MATH 431Abstract Algebra3
MATH 484Mathematics Seminar1
MATH 485Portfolio 1
 Mathematics 6 Hours Upper Division Electives6
 Sub-Total Credits 38


Faculty Profiles

Jonathan Duarte, PhD

Mathematics & Physical Science
Associate Professor

Ryan Loga, PhD

Mathematics & Physical Science
Assistant Professor

Nicholas Madhiri, PhD

Professor and Department Chair

Gerald Springer, PhD


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