Psychology (B.S.)

This degree is the first step for those who want to obtain entry-level positions in the field of psychology or who are planning on pursuing advanced degrees as part of their career path. To be a licensed counselor you must have a master’s degree or higher and successfully complete the required licensure examinations.

University alumni surveys find that psychology grads are currently working as psychology technicians, case managers for social services, fire fighters, ministers, teachers, authors, probation officers, small business owners and corporate executives.

Students must be prepared to pursue licensure for becoming teachers first, and for further advancement students must complete a master degree and take the various licensure exams in order to be qualified as a school counselor. Students planning to teach at tertiary level in psychology programs must have at least one area of expertise and a doctorate degree is preferred. A terminal degree is also very advantageous in psychology to make an individual highly qualified.

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