At Southwestern, our students are encouraged to not only learn about history, but to actively shape and define it. With a highly interactive curriculum supported by exceptionally engaging professors, students develop their critical thinking through tools and practice that ready them for all walks of life.  Our courses are designed to help develop a broad and applicable understanding of the sweep and span of the globe’s historical, cultural, and governmental realities. We shed new light on the world’s current events by studying its origins in history, politics, and society, granting students the ability to not only anticipate what may come, but influence the outcome.


You probably won't get rich with this degree, but you probably won't be unemployed either. History and its related fields will always anchor the social studies curricula of both private and public schools. When your principal realizes that you can easily teach geography, government, and econ as well as history, you will become nearly indispensable. Southwestern grads have done very well with this degree in schools, and some have used the degree as the foundation for Master's work that will help them get into school administration. 

Job Outlook
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says jobs teaching history are growing at about 13% each year.  That's due to both the retirement of veteran teachers and the decline in student/teacher ratios that necessitate more teachers.

Earnings will vary by school district and experience. However,  first-year teachers can expect to make around $33,000–$37,000. Top-end salaries can range up to $63,000 or higher. Extended summer breaks make it possible for teachers to augment their income with other pursuits.

Educational Qualifications
A social studies degree will help many graduates get entry-level teaching jobs. However, pairing the degree with a serious study of a second language can make you more valuable to school districts (and perhaps earn you a boost in pay). This degree is an excellent foundation for graduate study. 

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Highly versatile, a degree in history or social science grants you the intellectual tools you need to succeed not only as a social studies educator - a profession that is currently growing at 13% per year in the U.S. - but as a public servant, a politician, a government worker or an expert in public policy, diplomacy, non-profit and non-governmental organizations and more.


  • Teacher
  • Diplomat
  • Journalist
  • Politician
  • Author 
  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Editor

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Required Courses  
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 111United States History to 18653
HIST 112United States History from 18653
HIST 201Historical Methods: Research and Hitorigraphy3
HIST 225World Civilizations 13
HIST 226World Civilizations 23
HIST 242Historical and Political Geography3
HIST 475Portfolio Development1
 Non U.S. History for Social Studies Major9
 History Electives for SS Secondary Teaching Major9
 POLS Electives 6
 Economics Electives 6
 Sub-Total Credits49



Faculty Profiles

Steve Jones, PhD

History & Social Science
Professor and Department Chair

Elizabeth Bowser, MA

History & Social Science
Assistant Professor