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54 Passenger Coach Opportunity

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The University would like to acquire a 54 Passenger coach to meet the transportation needs of our athletics department, music department, and other uses as requested.  The bus would serve as a mobile billboard, with our University logo displayed prominently on the sides, front, and rear.  It would provide comfort for longer trips, the convenience of one driver for up to 54 passengers, room for extra luggage, bathroom, and would be wheelchair accessible.

Our University transportation needs are currently being met by utilizing as many as 12 passenger vans for each trip.  While useful on short trips, the vans lack leg room and space for excess luggage.  In addition, they are not efficient as drivers and vans are needed for every eleven passengers, increasing costs and risks for every trip.

If you are interested in making this dream a reality, an opportunity to give is provided below. 

For more information, contact Kisha Norris at 817-202-6233 or


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