Business (B.S.)

A degree in History is very pliable. It affords graduates an opportunity to get into a variety of careers, ranging from education and business to writing and public service. The most obvious choice for many History majors is teaching, either in SDA or public schools. While History paired with education courses and certification prepares students to teach, many will choose to also add graduate courses later. If you don't want to teach, a degree in History produces exactly the type of graduate the American and international business communities are looking for—people who can think about trends, explore options, and put initiatives into effect.

Teaching is the obvious job people associate with a History degree, but the opportunities are much broader than that. History serves as a great background for jobs in journalism, libraries, public service, public policy, politics, or private business. You may want to pair a History degree with another discipline to open even more doors.

A history degree will help many graduates get entry-level jobs. However, pairing the degree with a graduate degree will usually bring higher rewards. Some careers, such as being a lawyer or teaching in college, mandate graduate degrees.

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