B.B.A. Esports & Gaming

Why study Esports and Gaming Management
Very few schools offer a focus on the business side of the games industry. Stand out in a growing sector.

What is it?

  • Esports is a form of sport competition using video games.  Esports is a booming global industry where skilled video gamers play competitively. In the same way that traditional sports have competitions in baseball, basketball, and football, esports encompasses competitions across a variety of video games.

Why is it practical?

  • Just as the NBA and its teams need capable marketing, sales, and operations professionals, growing Esports leagues and teams need the same. Plus graduates of this program could work for the video game companies producing the games.
  • Between 2018 and 2019, the number of jobs in esports nearly doubled. Maybe the most eye-popping stat comes from a recent Esports tournament that attracted more online viewers than the Super Bowl!

Why is it unique or exciting?

  • The program has partnerships with Unity Technologies, the world’s most-used game development tool, and the International Game Developers Association. Both partners will keep content up-to-date and help with job opportunities

Work and play
Learn about the whole picture—development, distribution, even trade shows.

Built by the best
We consulted industry professionals to find out what skills are most needed for entry-level professionals.

Facts Breakdown


2019 Esports Job Growth


Jobs in Gaming


Esports Viewership

A woman wearing a white blazer, gray slacks and a yellow shirt, smiles as she stands in front of an Enactus Poster.

“The Deparment of Business Administration gave me unforgettable college years. It was a privilege to have had excellent professors who truly cared for my academic success. One of the bonuses of being a business student was the extensive list of resources and opportunities available at my fingertips.”
The Enactus program, run by the Department of Business Administration, is available to all students looking for opportunities to build strong leadership skills through the creation and implementation of entrepreneurial projects.
“I am very grateful for the business department. It not only gave me an invaluable wealth of knowledge but also allowed me to prepare for my future spiritual and professional endeavors.”
Shelsie Janeth Bodden graduated with a degree from the Department of Business Administration at Southwestern Adventist University.

Shelsie Bodden

Break into the games industry

From players to programmers, the gaming industry is booming and needs business-minded leaders. Gaming Administration professionals need a lot of expertise: not just tech and business, but a solid understanding of games and gaming culture as well.

Faculty Profiles

Aaron Moses, PhD

Department of Business Administration
AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Business Administrat

Satyanarayana Ramella, PhD

Department of Business & Financial Services
Assistant Vice President

Chanda Santo, MBA

Department of Business Administration
Assistant Professor