B.B.A. Digital Marketing

Why study Digital Marketing
We consulted with Fortune 500 companies and successful startups to find out what skills they most want to see in their entry-level marketing hires—and what skills traditional marketing programs don’t teach.

What is it?

  • Digital Marketing brings outdated marketing curriculum into the 21st century by teaching students the methods companies are actually using to reach customers (Facebook, Instagram, Emails, Google) and how to make products grow

Why is it practical?

  • While students may not start out in management, later in their careers, marketing managers have a median salary of $135,900. 
  • Over half of all marketing spend is now spent on digital marketing and this is only expected to grow - successful future marketers will need these key skills

Why is it unique or exciting?

  • Classes are project based and highly-relevant to our lives. For example, a class on Viral Growth asks students to create memes as a means of spreading the word about a company or product.

Be data science savvy

Our Digital Marketing program has built-in technical training, so you’ll learn how to collect and interpret the data you use to build campaigns.

Get the latest, every day
Courses are constantly updated to reflect the ever-shifting ways that consumers, brands, and influencers use the web.

Facts Breakdown


Media annual salary for marketing managers


Growth in employment for marketing research analysis


Percentage of total global media spending spent on digital marketing

A young adult stands in front of a red, brick building and slightly smiles as he wears his gray suit, white button-up and blue tie that matches

Harvey Contreras graduated in 2016 with a degree from the Department of Business Administration in marketing. While sometimes a student can feel small in a large classroom, Harvey was happy to find his class size more personable and manageable.
“At SWAU I felt connected to my professors and our classes were small enough to make me feel involved. My professors were always available to help me if I were confused by a project or homework assignment. Any questions or concerns I had were easily answered with a quick text.
“Another huge advantage for me was being a part of the Enactus team, which allowed me to learn the skills required to land my first job after college.“

Build the brands people love

Digital marketers learn to be nimble thinkers, skilled in both the art of persuasive communication and the science of data analytics. Our program gives you a deep background in both, along with helping you build the intuition you’ll need to blend them into effective strategy.

Faculty Profiles

Aaron Moses, PhD

Department of Business Administration
AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Business Administrat

Satyanarayana Ramella, PhD

Department of Business & Financial Services
Assistant Vice President

Chanda Santo, MBA

Department of Business Administration
Assistant Professor